Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Day In Beantown

Good Day For One & All

Yesterday was simply perfect. Gorgeous temperature with a lovely breeze. Blue sky against the Boston skyline. The Aquarium. The Marketplace. The Black Rose. Good times with our Dublin family- Gar's brother Niall, our sister in law Caragh, our niece Leah and our nephew Harry. What more could we ask for?

We really seem to luck out weather-wise when we're off to Boston for the day and yesterday was no exception. I only wish I'd been able to pop into my blog pal Amy's new Maison Decor store in Beantown, but it was a day with the kids. (Next time Amy, for sure.)

It started with the the Aquarium which was great, as usual. Even if most of the penguins and the shark were off site while they did some maintenance. Bummer. It was ok though, there was so much more to see.

The seals greeted us upon arrival. The kids got to go face to face with them.

The sea turtles where the indoor greeters since most of the penguins were off site.  The were really big. The picture doesn't really have any scale to compare them too, but suffice it to say, the big one was as big as our dining table and a whole lot heavier.

Leah's favorite were the little Blue Penguins. They were pretty darned cute. They even shook their butts like Shakira. She had to see them twice. 

It was a beautiful day on the Harbor, even the seagulls thought so.  Once we were done at the Aquarium we headed back to the Greenway Carousel and then back to the Marketplace for lunch at The Black Rose.

After lunch we strolled the marketplace and Faneuil Hall. There was a lovely woman, Pamela Means, playing guitar and singing. Her music helped soothe Harry who was getting a bit tired.  Before we headed home though, we had to pick up a box of Canoli to bring home. Can't leave Boston without them!

Super fun day filled with lots of good memories. The best kind of day, right?

ps- While the penguins were Leah's favorite, mine was Isaac with his spikey mohawk.

This is Isaac. He weighs over 500 pounds, and he’s a good student. See Isaac do a flipper stand. Click through.
courtesy New England Aquarium

Apparently, he had one serious itch to scratch.  My second favorite can be seen in the background....the smaller sea lion who loved the hose. He nearly got the crowd a couple of times. Back to Isaac though, he just had great laissez faire attitude. 

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A quick shoutout to all the new followers of the Muse. So happy to have you here with all my other blog-pals. I hope you'll stick around, and please feel free to comment. I just love hearing from all you guys.

Gorgeous day here. Will probably be going to the park with the Dublin kiddos later, and we will sure be in the pool while it's a warm one! Got to get it in while we can.

See you on the flip side,


  1. Sounds and looks like you are all having a great time. Your photos are fabulous .. especially love the one of Harry ~ his expression looks as he is saying "Burger? what burger?" :) xo HHL

    1. we HAVE been having a great time. doing lots of things and just hanging and relaxing. had a ball in the pool yesterday. good things they found the kiddos some used wet suits at the beginning, because the water is getting a bit chilly with the cool nights.

  2. Replies
    1. it was a super day Debbi! literally perfect weather-wise. tons of fun too.

  3. Love the pictures and your captions! I think I love Isaac, too. That hair...

    1. Hi Emma, oh I thought Isaac and his pal- the nothern fur seals- were a hoot. Isaac just kept scratching and scratching. And the pal was in the corner using a pole to scratch his back. then just turned towards the wall like he was saying 'I want to be alone'. Too funny. You've gotta love animals!


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