Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things I Found & Overheard at the Party

NEW Solid Bar Shampoo that Rocks Red Currant & Thyme

Did You See This?

Every two weeks, Mercantile Muse hosts a heck of a party for a few reasons.

One, it's a way for those with online shops/businesses and blogs to link up and spread the word about their stuff.

Two, it's a fun time for those who link up and even for those who don't because everyone gets to have a look around, mingle and get to know one another.  You know, because it's a pah-tay.

Three, I'll be honest here.......I LOVE a good party.

I actually enjoy the 'clean up' after these parties, when I get to have a good look around and see what everyone left behind. 

Here's my picks from the most recent party (there's still time to link up if you haven't). 

Love that print. Love the shape of the bag.

2. Vintage Wedding Week at The Sunshine Grove
Thoroughly enjoyed reading Jeremy and Natalie's story,
and the story of Natalie's grandparent's wedding and in
Cuba and the making of her Gram's wedding gown.

3. Rosekraft
What a lovely garden to walk by.
Rosekraft is lucky enough to do son a regular basis.

4. Dirty Girl Designs
Fabulous black and white dolphins. Did you know I was a dolphin?
No, not in another life. It was the school mascot for our college...
something about them being intelligent creatures.
5. Get Lathered
Shampoo that looks like a serving of summer sherbert. Sweet!

6. our picket fence
Jane Austen fans take note. An ever-so-charming Emma doll.

7. long eared designs
Want a hair-do that stands out for all the right reasons?
Top it off with a simple, feminine flower comb.
There is something about the composition of this photo that I'm quite taken with.....pretty good pair of legs too.

I know many of you enjoyed the party too from your comments. Did you discover new shops and blogs at the party? Did you find new favorites? I'd love it if you shared them in this post's comments. It's think it's pretty interesting to see where the party led others. 

What's New

I've been able to add a few things to our etsy shop, Bates Mercantile Co. over the last week. Here's the latest.

Is it ok to really like my own illustration? I am framing this one and hanging it on the wall. 

Now this is love...... Oh that George Bailey.

It's a Wonderful Life has a multitude of messages about what really matters in life and that makes me feel good inside.

In case you hadn't noticed, we've been in the midst of a photo challenge at Mercantile Muse for a couple of weeks. We have had some seriously wonderful submissions. You can see our previous challenges here. You can also join in if you'd like. There are 4 more challenges left and the next one is 'the color of love'. Get me your submission by end of day tomorrow (you can shoot me an email via the little button in right hand sidebar, just beneath my profile) so I can include it in Wednesday's Photo Challenge post.

If you found the Muse recently because of the August Giveaway, I'm so glad you did. Our sponsors this month and their prizes quite simply, awesome. $150 worth of some the nicest handmade stuff around. If you've been around here for awhile, I'm so glad you're here too. You guys all make this a happy place for me to be each day.

Did you guys know if you like this post you can share it easily? There's a bunch of ways right under the post....email, twitter, pinterest and more. When you guys tell two friends, and they tell two friends, our little community here on the Muse grows and that is always a good thing. Personally, I can't get over the interesting and talented people that hang out here. If I was a blusher, I'd surely be blushing.

Thanks so much for being here.
See ya on the flip side,


  1. Thank you very much, Pam for featuring my hobo bag. very sweet of you, I've been a fan of your blog :-)

    1. It's a rockin' bag Utary! I'm so glad you're here.

  2. Thanks Pamela for featuring my doll! Love all your fun picks. :)

    1. you are more than welcome....she SO sweet! love her sittin' next to the Emma book.

  3. Thank you for featuring my Shrink Plastic Dolphin Ring it's appreciated.

  4. What a wonderful treat, Pamela-- this is the best party I have been to in a loooong time! Great picks! =D

    1. Well I'm glad you had fun. More partying next Thursday....that's just the way we roll around here!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring our blog! We had a wonderful time with our vintage wedding week. Can't wait for the next party.

  6. A wonderful party you have posted.. so many lovely things!
    xoxo, B

    1. i'm telling ya b, it's always hard to choose what to feature.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Emma!! I'm about to print it off, and swap out my 'start wherever you are' print in the kitchen. Love doing that.

  8. That bag ROCKS!!! And your print just makes me happy:)

    1. Love everything about that bag. So glad you like the print. It makes me happy too.


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