Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 7 & Freeform Friday

Food, Glorious Food

Happy Friday all! Man, do I love Friday. Not that I don't love the other days of the week, but Friday means the weekend is just about here. It means we'll probably do a little living room and kitchen dancing later to Youtube. It means we get to kick back a little bit and enjoy some downtime for a couple of days. I'd say Friday has a lot going for it. 

This Friday has even more going for it. It's got food ala the Mercantile Muse photo challenge. Another one of my loves.  I enjoy making it, I enjoy sharing it with those I love and dammit, I'm hear to say, I enjoy eating it.  There is nothing like sitting down with people you love and having a delicious homemade meal. That's when food really says love. 

Talk about love, Ashley's little man as been bitten by the Tomato Love bug. I can relate.

'more please', via Ashley, Papyrusaurus

Happiness is a living garden at the window. Cari-Jane was wondering what on earth she would do for the food challenge when she found this lovely little living garden at Sainsbury's. How perfectly wonderful. Especially for only a £1.

'how does your garden grow?', Cari-Jane, Hybrid Handmade

Don't forget to feed your soul. Thanks to Karen for that important reminder.

'my heart in hand, my soul to feed', via Karen, Bridgit's Bell

Not a great picture of moi, thank goodness I'm not too vain. Mom and Dad sent this one over of me about to enjoy one of my favorite meals, my Dad's linguine in white clam sauce. It is hands down the best anywhere. Not that I would know because I never order it anywhere because I know it wouldn't live up to his.  I just wait to be invited over for dinner.

photo by Marge Dignam

More food love. Emma's 'Pepper' apparently likes to show her food some love.
This could be an ad for Science Diet.

'Pick ala Pepper', via Emma, My Boju Life

I'm an egg girl. I could do an egg commercial the way Pepper could do a Science Diet commercial. Anyway, any how. Scrambled, poached, soft boiled, hard boiled, omelette...well, you get the idea. Of course, it wouldn't be breakfast without my tea (in my favorite mug, greatly faded but still with Mrs. Slocumbe on it which makes me smile, see freeform friday for more on Mrs. Slocumbe).

'brekkie and cuppa scald', via Pam, Mercantile Muse

Out the back door, the apple tree is doing it's thing. This also makes me smile.

'keep the doc away', via Pam, Mercantile Muse

Personally, I'm not sure I can forgive Bonnie for taunting us all this way.

'a rainbow for lunch', via Bonnie, {PaperKeeper}

Could this beetroot raita that Reshma made be any prettier? I've never made 'beetroot' raita before. Cucumber, but not beetroot. I think it's time I tried. Luckily Reshma included the recipe.

'color me pink', via Reshma, Color Canopy

Next up in the photo challenge is 'it's in the details'. If you want to play along, just get me your photo (email me via the button under my profile) by the end of day Sunday. Read more about the photo challenge here, and you'll find our other challenges linked here. Go on, have a look. 

Freeform Friday

In honor of today's challenge, and the fact that this has been running around in Ashley's head for a few days due to the aforementioned challenge, I give you food, glorious food. There's so much more the gruel. Click here if you're reading by email.

I'd be remiss if I didn't include a clip of Mrs. Betty Slocumbe, from Are You Being Served. It's a favorite in our house and my parents. Usually we have to call each other up after an episode and talk about it, if we can stop laughing, and then laugh all over again. This group of department store workers were always up to something. This cast kills me. They broke the mold when they made Mollie Sugden. She has given us more laughs than I can count.

Here's German Week, just one of the promotions to bring more people into Grace Brothers. Mrs. Slocombe's in the pigtails. Click here if you're reading by email.

And one more. Warning:Not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. There were many, many double entendres on Are You Being Served. Things you'd never get away with on US TV. (Which in itself cracks me up, since we have no problem with violence or sex.).  However, Mrs. Slocumbe's hair alone is enough to make me smile. Of course, I have to say, this isn't nearly even the best stuff. You can't fully appreciate her if she's not playing off Mr. Humphries. Click here if you're reading by email.

Weak as water!

That's it from here. Be sure not to miss the giveaway. It's well worth an entry for a chance to win $145 of handmade goodness. Don't miss the link up party either, if you've got a blog, a shop or project, the link up is still live. And remember, you might get picked to be featured on Mercantile Muse next week!

No big plans for the weekend. Just some projects around the house and of course the youtube dancin'. What about you?

Ciao for now,


  1. Replies
    1. me too. stomach is growling and i want bonnie's lunch.

  2. I want Bonnie's lunch today! :) was delicious and healthy I must say, but it is all but a memory now. Glad I could torment, um, I mean share it with you! All great photos - it's always so fun to see all the different takes on the theme! Nice job! Happy Friday, Happy Dancing!

    1. off on errands and skipping lunch. :( but not to worry, it's's appetizer night!!! trader joe's mushroom tunovers anyone? woohoo!

  3. 'Are you being served' is one of my all time favourite shows! I particularly love the theme music. And yes - it is totally outrageous - in a way that wouldn't even be acceptable on UK tv now - I don't know what happened in the 70's, tv execs were obviously very different!!

    1. "ground floor....peculiaries, gents ready made suits....going up"

      the outrageousness is what i love about it. maybe a little less 'politically correct' is what we need. even here, they got away with stuff they wouldn't now. but the thing is, they didn't make 'fun' of any one group if they were ready to poke fun at themselves. i think that's the difference.

  4. Oh my gosh, what great food photos! I'm hungry now! Love the eggs! Yum!

    1. totally. man, i was drooling getting all these submissions.


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