Thursday, August 16, 2012

Favorite Finds

1970's cloud print scarf

Etsy Style

I'm forever finding new favorites on etsy.  Perhaps because we have a shop on etsy, I'm exposed to all these wonderful treasure hunters, photographers, artists of all kinds, crafters...there's a lot of talent that's hard to ignore. What I really like is that I'm being introduced to new shops not just through etsy but via  various social media connections including facebook, twitter and pinterest. Cool beans.  

Proof in point, some things that have tickled my fancy of late:

1. [Charming, Sweet, Whimsical Paintings] 
2. [A wonderful mix of fabrics, prints, and textures like lace. If I had a pug I that pillow would be a must have]
3. [Assemblage, Painting, Vintage Toys and Parts]
4. [Utterly Romantic Jewelry with a Vintage Twist]
5. [A fine selection of vintage clothing and accessories]
6. [Fashionable and Practicle 3 Layer Waterproof Picnic Blankets]
7. [Moody, Beautiful Art Photographs]

Take a few moments to check these independent shops out and support some talented small business owners. If you've got some favorite etsy finds to share, leave a link in the comments.

Speaking of talented small business owners, my giveaway and blog sponsors on Mercantile Muse never cease to amaze me. They run the gamut from jewelry makers, to photographers, fine rug collectors/sellers, to concrete craftsmen and everything in between.  Please visit their links via the sidebar and show them some love.

What? Show you the love?  Well, certainly.

Have you entered the giveaway? Excuse me if I keep repeating myself, but August's giveaway pretty much hits it out of the park. 

I wasn't just making it up about my sponsors. They've come together to five you the chance to win $150 worth of handmade goods anyone would be over to the moon to have.  This giveaway is so good you won't want to tell anyone about it, even though you should tell more than just a few friends. Remember those little 'share' buttons I told you about the other day just below the post? Go on, push 'em. I dare ya.

If you haven't entered yet, you should right now. I don't want you to run out of time. That would be a wicked bummer. 

On the homefront, it's raining here today,which if you read yesterday's post know it's welcome for very imporant reasons. I'm here to tell ya, nothing is easy people. Not a darn thing.

Hey, did you notice? It's Thursday? Sweet!

Ciao for now,

PS- Photo Challenge participants....get me your next submissions by the end of the day today. If you're interested in particpating there are a few more challenges left, read about it here.


  1. Ooooh, you found some great stuff. I love the little embroidered necklace, and that pug pillow is too cute.

    1. oh yes Miss Jewelry Maven, you'll lover everything in their shop. Sweet.

      Honestly,how damn cute is that Pug?

  2. Fantastic finds. Love the art photos.

  3. That heart lock is so cool!!! And P.S. I want to WIN!!

    1. neat assemblage art. very cool. you want to win? never would have known. :)


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