Saturday, July 21, 2012

Say I Do

Another Wedding

It's been a busy Summer. A reunion, a wedding, the big lobster bake and yesterday evening, another wedding.  It was an absolutely gorgeous evening for Andrew, our neighbor's son, and Dayna. Couldn't have been more perfect. The setting for the ceremony was amazing. Hamilton House, and historic property just over the border in South Berwick, Maine.  What a lovely way to celebrate the start of a new life together.

The groom and his father, neighborhoodlum Tom.  Looking dapper.

We went with neighborhoodlums Gerry.............

...and Sandee.  We all wandered the grounds checking out the place and wondered how we'd all missed it until now.

A new direction for Dayna and Andrew.

The best man and brother Nick making sure he's got the rings. Check.

The groom. Waiting.

And so it begins. The best man and the Mother of the Groom, Joanie.

The bridesmaid. Beautiful dresses.

Maid of honor. They looked like Greek Goddesses in Magenta.

Are you ready Andrew?

Here comes the bride.

Father and daughter.

I do.

I take your hand in mine.

With this ring.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gough.

Our 'neighbor-in-laws, Emile, Carol and Kenny.

Then came the reception and the first dance as husband and wife.

Mother and son dance.

Everybody dance!

And we did.

All. Night. Long.

The Bride even did the slide.

By the end of the night we were seeing double.

Not really, but it was a good segue for Joanie and Janey.  We couldn't have been seeing double, think we nearly drank them out of water. That's what happens when you dance your sweet patootie off.

Congratulations Andrew and Dayna. It was a beautiful day and ton of fun. We were very happy to celebrate with you.

That's it from here folks. It's Tom's birthday today, and there is sure to be a 'little' more celebrating. Happy Birthday Tom!

Ciao for now,


  1. Pam, thanks for sending these great photos and sentiments about Andrew and Dayna's wedding! We are so excited to have a daughter in-law in our family! Also, thanks for being such thoughtful neighbors!

    1. Joanie, we just simply had TOO much FUN. such a happy happy day. love you guys!!! xxoo

  2. Gorgeous photos! Pam , you have a great eye. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time! Happy Birthday to Tom ... summer and celebrations, that's what living is all about!! xo C. HHL

    1. weddings....what can i say celia....days full of promise and hope and dreams. all that's right with the world. tom had a great bday, we saw to that! more fun. how much fun can we take?


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