Friday, July 27, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 1 and Freeform Friday


This is going to be good. The photo challenge that is. I'm already impressed with the first submissions.

I had to post Andrea's first, because she had the biggest challenge being on the otherside of the world down under. It's Winter there, which means Summer is a little hard to come by. By the way, these are lovely flowers a friend sent Andrea as congratulations for her new bundle of boy.  You must drop by her blog to see the picture of Mr. Man in his own little baby hammock. Precious. 

Ms. Cari-Jane Hakes is in London at just the right time. She caught the Summer Olympic fever and a shot of the torch. Personally, I love the Olympics. It's one of those things that pulls the world a little closer for two weeks.

Mine is pretty straightfoward. It's all about where I spend my time in the the pool.

'pool noodles', Pamela J. Bates, Mercantile Muse

Juicy, sweet, watery....hence the name. Watermelon. Thanks for making me drool Emma.

'Summer In A Bowl', via Emma, MyBoJuLife

By the way peeps, Emma is a new blogger. Stop by and show her some love,  won't you?

Flowers, flowers everywhere. One of my favorite things about Summer. And I really love when they bloom in mass, like these that Karen captured.

'Heavenly Meadow', via Karen, Bridgit's Bell
Reshma was inspired by her daughter's zeal for Summer, and I am too. 

Kristen, of Milo and Molly, got a shot that reminds me of my parent's backyard in Summer. Marigolds. They almost always have some planted.

The {PaperKeeper} herself, my pal Bonnie Burnell, is enjoying some downtime. So is her family. 

Ah, behond the might sunflower Ashley Croyer of Papyrusaurus. It's screaming Summer. Big, beautiful burst of yellow. Just like the Summer sun.

More sheer Summer happiness. Oh how I love to swing. If I walk by a playground I'm still apt to take a few moments to get the legs pumping just like Traci's little one, Luci Rae.

Full disclosure, I made up the titles. That's just the way I am.

Way to give us some summer guys. Great job. We'll have to remember this when we're in the midst of Winter. Well Andrea can look at it now and see what she has to look foward too.

If you want to join the photo challenge, here's the lowdown:

The Mercantile Muse Photo Challenge runs Fridays, Mondays and Wednesdays from 7/27 through  8/22. If you'd like to participate, email me (pbates at speakeasyinfo dot net---- just avoiding spammers gang) a link to your photo submission (blog link, flickr link, facebook link, or what have you) by noon the day prior (well, I'd love it by noon, but sometime the day prior works too) if you want your photo to be included in the photo challenge post the next day. Next photo challenge post is Monday which means you need to get me a submission on Sunday.

Why not join in? Afterall, it's just for the fun of it. All of the topics are about how you interpret them. There are no steadfast rules here people. Well, except for the fun.

One more thing.....the current link party is still going on for anyone who has an online business or blog. Stop by and link up. If you don't have an online shop or blog, check out all the great stuff people are linking up.

Freeform Friday

Here's a classic Summer song for you. A little Mungo Jerry. If you don't know Mungo, you should when you hit play. If you're reading by email, click here.

Hope you have good plans for the weekend. Mine is, yup, you guessed it.....some quality time with my pal the pool.  Of course, there are other things on the list, but that's at the top. What about you?

Have a good one,


  1. What a lovely melange of pictures taken! Nice to meet you all folks!

    And Pamela...that is a great summer number!

    1. don't ya love that one?

      love your shot reshma!

  2. How totally fabulous! I had a grin on my face from the beginning to the end of that post! Thank you Pam.

    1. too much fun seeing everyone's take on the same thing.

      bet you needed a break. a smile on your face is just a nice bonus.

  3. Wish I could say more but on a wifi diet :)
    I love it!!

  4. Fantastic photos! I especially love the pool noodles and Swing Time.

    1. thanks PF. do you ever wonder how pool noodles can keep an entire person afloat? crazy!


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