Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Caught My Eye

breakfast time

Different Places

Found a few things that caught my eye, all from different places. 

This totally awesome idea came to me through StumbleUpon recommendations.  Do you guys stumble? I do, but not as often as I could.

Check this out...........a cell phone holder made out of an old lotion bottle. Holla.

You can find out how to make this simple bit of brilliance at makeit-loveit. Lotion bottle, scissors, modge-podge.....simple, cute and it wrangles everything. I may have to try this one.

Had to include this one I found through a stumble upon recommedation too because my mother has been using nailpolish to distinguish keys forEVER. Right Mom?

Super easy, and pretty darn cute to boot.

The wonderful art of Becca Stadtlander came to me by way of Frankie Magazine. If you haven't checked out Frankie, you should. It's an Aussie pub and they always find the neatest stuff. 

Isn't Becca's work fantastic? I love this one because it could be my breakfast other than the french press. I'd be having a cuppa tea.

breakfast time

'Bell jar'. Sweet.
bell jar

And another one for Mom, aka Maggie The WasherWoman. 

Amish Clothesline

She's great, don't ya think?


The Mercantile Muse Photo Challenge begins this Friday. So if you're joining in, remember to get me your submissions for Friday's topic, on Thursday. Email me (pbates at speakeasyinfo dot net---- just avoiding spammers gang) a link to your photo submission (blog link, flickr link, facebook link, or what have you) by noon the day prior if you want your photo to be included in the photo challenge post the next day. Join the fun! 

Have a great day.

Ciao for now,


  1. Your photo challenge looks fun! Awesome idea. I hope to join in a few days.

  2. I'm making that charger bag - what a great idea! Love today's post!

  3. Cute lotion holder idea! The nail polish colored keys are brilliant. ^.^

  4. Becca Stadtlander art! Really fantastic!
    Will catch up with some pictures with you tomr for the photo challenge!

  5. I wish I had been more organised to join in...although it is winter in our hemisphere.....darn it. Maybe I'll create a summer photo anyway.


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