Friday, June 1, 2012

This Is My Country & Freeform Friday

Memorial Day Rewind

Hi guys. First I'd like to say thank you to all of your for your kind words and sentiments on the death of our dear friend Cindy. It means quite a lot and always helps.  How sad that so many of you have also suffered some very diffucult losses, but I guess that is something we all have in common in the end, isn't it.

Yesterday was an especially hectic day and boy am I glad that's done and this week for that matter. Well, almost. Still work on the plate, but oh how I love Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Playing a little catchup today. Didn't get a chance yet this week to post our Memorial Day. On of the things I love about the pictures I take each and every year at our parade and services, are that they could probably be any town in the good old U. S. of A.

We walk uptown in time for the start. (OK, I was late this year, but I still hoofed it uptown and finally caught my group right at the beginning of the parade).

The engines lead and the kids wave.

(Nephew Matt, friend Charlie's grandson Cayson, my great nephew Cayden, and Charlie's grandaughter Makenna, sister Di and bil Al in the back.)

Veterans of all ages step off for the march through town.

Uncle George riding co-pilot in the jeep.

More firefighters.

The Marine's marching with colors. Nice unison on the step, eh? You'd think they'd practiced or something.

My high school's band sounding the call.....'This Is My Country'.

Then the boy scouts, the cub scouts, and of course the girl scouts too. (Hi back Sammy).

The laying of the wreath at our town's War On Terror monument.

Applauding our veterans.

Marching along following the parade. That's the way we roll. More bang for your buck. More parade, more exercise......

...more friends and neighbors along the way (hello Roys).

Mom and Dad ready for services.

Benediction. Playing of Anthem. Terribly sad stories of war time friends and family lost.  Laying of wreath. Taps and tears, well at least on my part. Always. Pledge of Allegiance in closing.

Jaunt back to sister's house for Memorial Day BBQ with family and friends.

(Uncle Norm, who served on Guadal Canal and fought in the Pacific Campaign, including Bougainville, in WWII  and Mom.)

Decked out in red,white and blue to celebrate all the wonderful things and ideals that our service people have fought for including freedom, and against, most notably...tyranny.

(great niece Sophia aka punky brewster)

Sound and look familiar?

Freeform Friday

There could be no other freeform Friday this week. It's a double shot for my pal Cin. Man do I miss her. Click here if you're reading by email.

And click here too if you're reading by email.

It's sunny today, but there is supposed to be rain moving in for the weekend. I'm ok with it. I haven't even done Spring cleaning and it's almost Summer, so maybe I'll get some of that done. I know, it's sounds thrilling, yes? I hope you have bigger plans for your weekend. What's on the docket?

Thanks again for your kindness this week. You guys rock.

Be well,


  1. the biggest thing I miss about where we live memorial parades...and you have to go searching for decent fireworks display on the 4th of July.

    1. really? no parades? that's a real bummer debbi. maybe you should start one!!!

  2. Replies
    1. it was a good day with everything i always try to pack into memorial day. except i still haven't planted my garden which i usually try to squeeze in too.

  3. Such fun festivities! I am grateful each and every day for the brave men and women that have and currently serve in the military.
    Please stop by for my Lavender Dreams giveaway.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend! xoxo, B

    1. Grateful for our brave men and women daily too B. Just got a 'marine pen pal' this week from my neighbor who is with Pease Greeters ( Happy to write a couple of lines to one our soldiers who is currently serving, hopefully it brightens his day to get some mail from home.


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