Sunday, June 24, 2012

Take A Walk With Us

Nix That. Take A Walk With Me.

It was another hot, steamy, summer day yesterday. For the second day in a row, late afternoon brought thunder showers.

I thought for sure we'd get a rainbow because it was just that kind of light at the end of the storm, but never saw one. Everything did look pretty though, with drops of rain and after-storm lightm so I took a walk around the yard. I thought Gar and Lucan were behind me, but they never came out. It was just me and my camera.

Pokeweed and sky.

Fairy skirts.

A rose is a rose.

Tiger lilies are in bloom!

Wild aster that I just let do its thing.

Same with the milkweed. I just love the stuff. It's so pretty. So fragrant. The butterflies love it.  The flowers nearly look like they're made of wax.

Crown Vetch.

More tiger lilies.

More roses.

Honeysuckle berries.

Rose Campion.

Fallen leaf.

Thought for sure I'd see a rainbow when I looked back towards neighbor's pines with the different kinds of light colliding.

What I did see was more roses.

And more lilies. A new asiatic lily Mom gave me. I haven't even transplanted it yet, but it seems pretty happy in the pot.

Then I saw the the two different air temps were steaming things up.

Don't you just love a summer storm?

Sunset Meadows

Whenever we get a storm roll through about that time in the day, it always ends in a beautiful sunset. Last night was no exception.

It started out across the field.

Then spread to all around us. I thought this bit looked nearly like a rainbow with its bright peach and dark edge.

Today, we are still playing pool filter games. Gar got new guts for the filter yesteday which is good. Except that it seems the top gasket on the outside needs to be replaced as it just won't tighten the way it should and we think it's letting in air. Not so good. So we're off to get a new gasket this morning. Other than that, we'll be continuing raking and cleaning up the yard, and perhaps we'll get the screen house up, in preparation for the 4th of July Lobster Bake. What's on your plate?

Ciao for now,


  1. Wow! Beautiful shots! I really love the raindrops on all the flowers. Summer storms are great, except when you're out in one, like we were the other night. Got trapped in the car in the driveway for a bit because it was raining too hard when we got home!

  2. SO pretty! We seriously need rain. Our entire state is on fire. Hundreds of homes have been lost. Several people have died. We seriosly need rain!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Enjoying the day up the California coast and went to the Getty museum.


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