Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Summer

In The Thick Of It

Just like that, we're in the thick of Summer. Right before the Solstice last night, Summer rolled on in. It was roasting yesterday.  We hit 100. Humidity was high which made it feel even hotter....and the pool still looks like dirty water after spending and arm and two legs on soft swim. Whatever.  We'll work on that today and whether it's clear or not, I will be in later because Gar-man just stuck his head back in the door and said 'it's worse than yesterday'.

To welcome the new season, some pictures from the apre wedding brunch on Sunday, that just say Summer to me.

Ah, the smell of salt air at Glo's house. Just a block away from the sand. How wonderful it is to live where we do.

The boys (or boy) of Summer. Way to connect Cayd!

A pretty Summer wedding bouquet.

ICE CREAM MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One More Day to Enter

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As Summer Made Itself Known

It wasn't the heat that brought us down, but rather the loss of another friend. I know, I know....this year has not been kind. We say a sad farewell to our buddy Mike.  He had some health challenges in the last couple of months, and it just seemed like his body didn't have the strength to fight them.  Mike was  thoughtful- always had something to give you and was ready, willing and able to fix the stupid window on my car for the umpteenth time and whatever my Dad needed fixing on his stinkin' lincoln; he always had a nice word; he was Gar's buddy;he was an all around good egg. 

At least we know that he's now with our buddy Bob who we lost a couple of years ago. Mike was really great while Bob was fighting cancer. Always there. The way friends should be.

I'll see Mike (left) and Bob (right) together on my computer desktop everyday as my photo gallery moves through its pictures.  And, I will always remember Mike arriving to our 4th of July lobster bakes on his moped. That's the way he rolled. 

So long Mike, it's been great to know ya. Rest in peace.

Sunset Meadows

Mike's sunset at the meadows last night. Pretty send off.

Enjoy the day wherever you are.  It's all you've got!

Peace out,


  1. I am so sorry for all of these losses you have been experiencing! On another note, happy Summer to ya! Xo, Ashley

    1. Hasn't it just been silly?

      and yay to summer!!!

  2. Beautiful pics...I love the shots from the brunch; the flowers, and the chase to the ice cream truck (that one is AWESOME).

    Great tribute to Mike and to Bob as well. Too sad. But great pic of them together. He will be missed but fondly remembered.

    another tough job well done.


    1. brunch was a ton of fun. got a good pic of you and cait crying at pics. LOVE the ice cream truck! classic.

      so sad about mike. just so so silly


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