Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't Miss The GIVEAWAY!

Time is Fleeting

Hi gang. This giveaway rocks my socks off.  Thanks to all my sponsors:
Kristen from MiloandMolly:  blog, twitter ; Duni from PeriDotbyDuni: blog;
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If you haven't entered yet. DO. IT. NOW. It's only open for 5 more days and you don't want to miss your chance to win really awesome stuff.

Look, I'm not lying. I'm shouting from the rooftops and sitting here wishing I could enter my own giveaway, but alas I can't. Well I could, but it wouldn't be right. Right? So it's up to all of you.

How many ways do I have to say it? Go to the giveaway now and earn as many entry points as you possibly can. As long as you want to win all of that goodness, that is.

Before I move onto other things, did you join the party yet? It's just a little fun thing we do here on the Muse. If you have an online shop or blog, link up! Meet new people. Have a ball.  I already have my eye on a few links to feature in my party roundup post on Monday but I know there are more to come. If you don't have a shop or blog, it's a fun way to check out new shops and blogs.

Ah yes, back to 'time is fleeting'...........Today my niece Caitlin/Cait/The Bim, is getting married to Jon. We love Jon. He fits in just fine and more importantly he loves Cait.

It's seems like yesteday that Cait was draggin' her scuttlebutt around the floor refusing to walk.....or was scowling at you with Bim-attitude.

Today however, is her day. Well her and Jon's day. Today Cait becomes Mrs. Smith.  Woohoo to Bim The Bride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly people, how do these things happen? How does time go by so very fast?

Here's to the milestones of life that make you look back and, time really is fleeting.

Make it a great day in your corner of the world. Mine is sure to be filled with love, laughter and lots of dancing.

Ciao for now,

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