Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time For a Break

Not Nearly Enough

I tend to be a morning tea girl. Not a morning girl, but a morning tea girl. I like my Barry's Irish Breakfast tea.  Two cups please. I don't take a moment out of the afternoon nearly enough, and make a cuppa for myself.  I enjoy having other teas, but for some reason it just doesn't cross my mind.

Well, it did today.

White Heron Cranberry Apple Ginger organic tea. They're a local business. I've mentioned this tea before. It's a fave. Snappy, but not too snappy. Perfect.

So may I suggest that it's time for a break. Put the kettle or the coffee pot on,or get a glass of water. Step away from the computer for a few moments. Go ahead, recharge yourself.

Elle Moss Photo Challenge

Think it's day 8 of the Elle Moss 21 Day Photo Challenge. Theme today is 'Favorite Place'.

Pretty happy where I am. Right here at Sunset Meadows.

sunset meadows 4/8/2012

sunset meadows 9/12/11

sunset meadows 9/12/11

Have a gread Wednesday. I'm working on the list and organizing at the same time and Garrett is doing the same downstairs in his studio.  Going to go with the saying I posted on facebook yesterday, "let whatever you do today, be enough."

Love it!

ciao for now,


  1. UHG I totally need to take your advise here. I could really use a break today:)

    1. You made me smile. I'm still plugging away and we still have attend planning board meeting tonight. They stink and go on WAY too long. Time for them to make the right decison. there are too many other things on the list. BUT I did make progress today so this is good.....or shall I say, enough.

  2. The perfect advice Pam!

    A year ago my Mom found a letter from my pre-school teacher to my parents that stated I loved focusing on playing for a little while and then would zonk out for a nap...get up, and would go right back to playing again.

    I'm still like this almost 30 years later...I give whatever I'm doing my all, but know when I need to take a break...p.s. I'll take some iced tea now though with the heat :)


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