Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things I Found After the Party

Gems, Giggles & Geramiums, Oh My

Once again, what a fabulous party. The things the guests brought this time around, are no different than any of the link parties before. Awesome stuff people. Awesome.

My etsy friend and Treasury Island teammate Marci has a wonderful jewelry shop called 3Pearls. You should see some of her crocheted bead bracelets (how do you do that by the way? want to do a tutorial Marci??). That said, although she brought one of her crocheted lovelies to the party, that's not what caught my eye. When I popped by her shop again, I saw this beautiful tourmaline necklace. It's a favorite for obvious reasons.

Another one of my etsy friends and another etsy Treasury Island teammate, Kate- aka Miss Vintage, owns Storytellers Vintage.  She really finds some of the best stuff. Like this backpack. Oh the stories it could tell. 


You know what's always been really fun about the link party for me? I get to see some familiar faces, but also make new friends. Here I was, making my way around the room when I ran into Giggles and Toots. Well, right off - LOVE the name. Toots is a thing in my family. We'll have to blame it on my Dad. He calls us toots. So I've come to call my nieces toots. In fact two of my nieces named their turtle Toots because of it. See why I love the name? Back to the party. Look what I found when I got to know Giggles and Toots a little better.

Cute sleeptime owl. What kid wouldn't want to rest their head on this pillow at night?


Or how about sweet dreams? This chenille this pillow is made of looks SO soft!

If you want to wake up your senses, then how about a little stroll through a perfectly wonderful Spring greenhouse thanks to Sweet Posy Dreams.

Lynette and I are obviously of the same thinking......I always use Geraniums in my window boxes and in my backstoop planter.  Love 'em and they shout Memorial Day to me, mostly because that's when I'm usually planting them.

The excitement of Spring. Something new each day. Scratch that. The excitement of a new house! Woohoo! So happy to find out that Paige at Little Nostalgia and her husband have found a new home. Moving from their condo has been on their list, but finding the right home in their budget seemed daunting. Now they can check it off their list. Another thing I love about blogging, is you get to share in these wonderful moments.  The bedroom redo that Paige was planning is now officially ON HOLD, for the best kind of reason.  Congratulations Paige!

I really enjoy these get togethers, exploring your blogs, your stores and getting know you all a little better. I hope you enjoy them too.

Elle Moss Photo Challenge

I missed submitting in time for the 'Into the Sun' challenge, but here's my entry/ies (I always find it hard to choose) for you guys to see. A beautiful day at the beach. In January no less.

Today's Elle Moss Photo Challenge subject: Three Things.

G-man just looked out the window and said, "It's lashing."  A very wet day here, for now at least. Hoping it clears up a little bit sooner than they expect. Guess we have to have the rainy days to make the sunny days that much better.

Enjoy the day, whatever it is doing, in your corner of the world and we'll do the same here.  What is it dong in your corner of the world? Is the sun shining or do you have your wellies on?  What's on your agenda for the day? Ours includes inventory for Lia Artisan Concrete Designs, and the projects on my desk for Speakeasy include bumper sticker and t-shirt design, ad campaign planning and bookwork.

Ciao for now,


  1. I'm loving those pillows! I need some grandchildren to buy things for. (Ok, not really. My kids need to finish college and grad school first!)

  2. those pillows are great. and the picture with the fence shadow on the tombstone is my favorite.

    1. Are those pillow sweet? I've caught a few good shadow shots in the graveyard across the street. the iron gate is so pretty, it casts lovely shadows Debbi.

  3. Thank you so much for the feature Pam! I adore the dream pillow, so cute!
    It's sunny here in California...in fact it hasn't rained in a long time. I do miss a rainy day now and then, I have to force myself to take a break from garden work when the weather is so sunny all the time.

    1. You're welcome Kate. I really do think that backpack is too cool. I am itching to get out and do some gardening. Will be doing some for sure this weekend, in between the list!

  4. That backpack is fanFRIGGENtastic!!

  5. Fabulous finds! I checked out Storytellers Vintage site and there I found a recipe box - not just any one, but the very same one that sits in my kitchen filled with my grandmother's recipes! I love when that happens. 3Pearl's necklace is great!

  6. Fabulous finds Pam! Thank you so much for including my necklace in the mix :) Fabulous photo entry. I love this photo challenge, I'm going to have to look back at all of it and try to keep up with the rest of it. Still too cold for geraniums here. We had a little sun and now it's back to cool and rainy :( We seem to have mostly extremes these days. It was 87 last week and the high today was 55. Anyhoo - I really appreciate the feature! I'm off to post it on my facebook page :)

  7. Hi Pam!
    Etsy has so many talented artisans. I just love that cute little owl pillow :)
    I agree, it's nice to read a bit about what's going on in our blogger friends' lives.
    Cool, that Paige and her hubby found a home!
    I hope you're doing great, have a terrific day and thank you for your always nice comments, much appreciated ♥


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