Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Snippets

A Beautiful Spring Day

The sun is shining and the skies are blue. It's making up for the beginning of the week and I can handle that.

Gar's off to pick up some cement mixes.  I just put the dishes in the washer and have more on the to do list. The usual Saturday stuff.

It's so nice we're already planning on a campfire out back tonight. It should be perfect.

The flowers are blooming all over the place and on a day like this, it's hard not the enjoy Spring.

My Mom's azalea was in full bloom last weekend when I stopped over on Mother's Day. Ridiculously beautiful.

Could it be any prettier?

On another note, this is how I found the hound the other day. I guess one pillow wasn't quite enough for Lucan.

It certainly is a dog's life.

I'm off and running. Enjoy your day.

Ciao for now,


  1. hahaha, I totally caught my pup doing that to my pillow in my bed the other day. Made me want to get in and snuggle too!

  2. I love that picture of Lucan! So peaceful, not a care in the world.


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