Friday, May 11, 2012

Ready To Launch & Freeform Friday

What We've Been Working On

I've said a couple of times in the last month that there has been a lot going on here. Well, it wasn't a lie.

In March, the Gman's job of 26 years was no more.  We've been trying to look at it as a new opportunity, a chance for positive change, but that doesn't mean it's been easy. Quite frankly, it hasn't. What is has been is pretty darn stressful times. That said, it's also been an exciting time.

After working with concrete for 26 years, as a concrete construction foreman building foundations, my husband is turning concrete -as he knows it- on its head. He's working with it in a completely new way and is really excited about it. 

Now, without further ado, may I me introduce to you................

Our basement has become a studio and he's been very busy putting together his first collection of home and garden decor.  Today is launch day for Lia Artisan Concrete Designs!

The good news is that he's just back from acquiring his first wholesale account. Woohoo! Now, I will say that we did have a little edge, since its Backyard Birds & Garden Frills the shop our sister-in-law Kelly and her mom run. However, they have a seriously beautiful shop and would not just humour him because, in the end, it comes down to business. I've blogged about their shop before, so you can see for yourself it is in deed a lovely store. 

The best part of Gman's first pitch is that as he was setting up his display, a lady going into the store wanted one of his designs! Yup, you got it right. He sold the 'half sphere planter on pedestal' (back right) before he'd even shown it to Kelly and Judy.  They insisted he sell it to the woman outright, since they hadn't put in an order yet.  Is that classic or what?

If you'd like to know more about my husband's new venture, Lia Artisan Concrete Designs, I'd love it if you stopped by his website. You'll find a little background on him, his process, the significance of the name lia and the inspiration for his first collection.  Keep in mind, it's a work in progress as I have to secure his official address and have a lot more info to add. It's a start though.  I'm actually using blogger to set up his website and it's going pretty good so far (other than time....which I need more of). I'll work on customization later, but at least it allows me to get something up and running pretty quick. If anyone has used blogger to host their website (knock, knock....Kristen!!), email, etc, I'd appreciate some feedback.  When I have his facebook page set up, I'll be sure to let you know.

Thanking you all for any good thoughts you can send our way as we get up and running.

Elle Moss 21 Day Photo Challenge

Today is Day 5 in the Elle Moss 21 Day Photo Challenge and the theme is architecture.  It was a hard choice. I take a lot of architecture shots when we're on vacation.  I'm quite drawn to building and their features.  I went with this shot of the facade of our favorite places, Grand Central Station.

It was a tough decisiont though, because what I really love doing when I'm at Grand Central is gaze at the ceiling.

Wish this picutre showed it more clearly, but it's the most beautiful shade of blue and it features constellations with some of the stars being lit.  It's amazing. The entire building is beautiful and it's always buzzing. All that I love about NYC.

Freeform Friday 

Oh yeah, friday night youtubing will surely include this one tonight. It's a standby and why not put your dancing shoes on and work up a sweat with me! And yes, you have to dance to the entire thing. Phew! If you're reading via email, click here.

Sieze the day and by all means, have a grand weekend.



  1. He does beautiful work! I wish you both MUCH success! So neat to see him following his passion in a new way. I bet people would love concrete countertops, too.

  2. Pam these are gorgeous! He won't have any trouble selling them! Sometimes when God closes a door, He opens a window. Let this be your window! Best of luck to you!

  3. Oh I really really love the planters! It really really looks great - love the candle ones too. The design is spot on - organic and architectural! Good Luck Mr. Merch. Muse!! Onwards and upwards!

  4. Well done on being at the right place at the right time. Sounds as though everything was meant to be, however stressful it has been recently. Good luck in the new venture - and just wish there wasn't the Atlantic between us. Some of those items are seriously lovely!

  5. U are so stylish! what do u say about following each other sweetie?:X

  6. Hey Pam, did you create the Lia logo? I love it!

  7. Hi Pam...what an exciting venture for your guy and you. His work is beautiful and it's great to see his artistry come through the concrete. The website looks great - has such a peaceful quality about it. Wishing nothing but amazing success!! Keep us all posted on how things go!

  8. Wow Pam, he really has so beautiful stuff!!! I would definitely carry it in my shop... is it something that is possible to wholesale out of state?

  9. That's very exciting news! Good luck in the new endeavour!
    Any plans to open an Etsy shop too?

  10. Those planters are beautiful! Good luck, it seems as if he's off to a great start.

  11. oh congrats! my step-son did some work in concrete. he made all his kitchen counters and table tops. The process he used makes them look like granite! Best of luck.

  12. oh, and here's a link to some blog to site tips. I'm trying to turn my blog into a website too.

  13. Love his work! If Lia is ever available on the west coast, let me know!

    Wishing you guys all the best!

  14. He has great talent! I am glad that you gave the advice in such a fantastic way with the problem :-)
    I cross my fingers (now) for the development of creativity :-)

  15. Hi all, just want you to know I'm waiting on replying to these wonderful comments so Gar can address you each himself. Now I just have to walk him through it!


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