Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It Spring Link Up!

A Perfect Time For A Party

This link up party is overdue.  So come on in, make yourself comfortable, take a stroll around the gardens, get a drink and something to eat at the buffet and tell us a little something about yourself. Might I be so bold as to suggest you show off a little.....I mean you did wear your best party outfit, right?

This is the place to have fun while you link up your online shop or blog. If you don't have an online shop or blog, have some fun looking around. You might find some things you just have to have, things you mother would love, or new places to visit for a daily read.  It's all good.

(what a lovely inspiration board....who's ready to party?)

Get set to mix, mingle, and talk amongst yourselves.

Please read the Rules of the House, before linking:

*If you take part in the link up, you will go on a list of particpants and receive an e-mail from me (and from the address in two weeks reminding you that the next Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It link up party is underway.

*If you like Mercantile Muse enough to link up at the party, won't you consider becoming a follower (there's several different ways to follow in the sidebar to you're right) if you're not already? Can you do me another favor?How about liking us on facebook too? That'd be so sweet!

*Post one link. Two if you link one under Gotta Have It (for shops)and one under Gotta Blog It (for bloggers).  Be sure you’re posting your link under the right link up!
*Don't link and run, be kind and check out each other's links.

*Share a link to the party, 'you two tell friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on'. It benefits us all--- blog, tweet, facebook, etc. If you blog and are so inclined to grab a button (from Mercantile Muse's button page) and feature it on your blog, that would be, as we say 'round these parts, wicked awesome. 

*Leave a comment and check back Monday when I feature some things I've found through the link up. It could be you!
First up, the shop link up (scroll down page for blog link up)!
Bloggers, you're up! Gotta Blog It

Feel free to share a little bit about yourself, your shop and/or your blog in the comments section (including links to your shop and facebook page, pinterest page, etc. if you've got 'em). Let's have some fun getting to know each other better. Thanks for being here,


  1. I am so ready for a spring party! I used to throw parties like this but I haven't had the time lately. I am so glad you are hosting! I am truly inspired!

  2. Hi Pam, Thanks for the invite! It's 85 degrees here today, so your cucumber sandwiches look refreshing - I'll take the plate. Hope you have been well and business is good! Laura

  3. Love your Spring Party Pamela and Thanks so much for hosting! That inspiration board above is so classy & fun! Makes me want to throw a party . . .

  4. We finally got a sun break from our May Gray! The lemon bars look delicious! (Barefoot Contessa has my favorite recipe --

  5. Wouldn't it be great if linky parties really could be in a fabulous garden somewhere? Thanks for hosting!

  6. Would love a garden party, especially if someone brought some sunshine! And a margarita or two. With salt please. Now I'm going put on my comfy flip flops and take a look around to see who else is here!

  7. Love your picks, Pam!!
    The yellow pinwheel cupcake topper is so adorable!
    Hope all goes well with your Dad at the doctors...take care,

  8. Hooray! Glad to be part of the link up party. Lovely collages Pam - putting me in a summery mood for the weekend. Hope all goes well with your Dad and the Eye Doctor man. Hopefully not too much of the egg money gets spent.

  9. Thanks! Great party as always!

    I tweet too: @katezat

    See you around :)

  10. I'm late, but I hate to miss a party....and shop!
    Thanks Pam!

  11. AAAh! Pam, I can't find the link to link up!!! Help me!


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