Saturday, April 28, 2012

To Market, To Market

Jiggity, Jig

Today was the last indoor farmer's market of the 'winter' season. As always, so much wonderful food from which to choose.  We had our list and we did pretty good sticking to it, though we did buy a couple of extras.

Our take included:

alderwood smoked salmon
2 lbs of ground lamb
one duck confit (they only had one left or we would have gotten 2)
duck pastrami (to make up for the lack of second confit)
Bolognese with veal, pork and bacon
Cheddar Stout stuffed ravioli

We met friends including my bookclub/champagne ladies pal Kath Gallant , as her restaruant Blue Moon Evolution was sponsoring this week's market.  We met some new people too, including Michelle Splaine from Valicenti Oganico who makes a fantastic variety of ravioli, pasta, and sauces too. Michelle and her partner Dave are both trained chefs who began their business in a garage and have now bought a lovely farm in Hollis, NH. You can read more about their pasta making operation and their farm on their website and their facebook page.  Lots of great pictures too.

When I say Michelle had a long list of pastas to choose from, I mean it. It didn't take long to make a decision once Gar saw the Cheddar Stout. It was a done deal.

The other goodie bag held:

brocolli rabe
garlic ramps/greens
mixed 'naked' greens
yukon gold potatoes
red bliss potatoes
white lace cheese
arugula & pistachio pesto
dark amber maple syrup
maple pecans (OH MY.........heavenly)

All we could smell the whole way home was the garlic ramps which we're going to grill up tonight with lamb burgers. It is sure to be divine.

We passed one of my favorite pastures on Frying Pan Lane. Usually there's a couple of horses right up at the fence, but today they were all towards the back including a wee little pony. 

That's how our Saturday has begun. Now Gar is going to see if he can fix the lawn mower, while I do bookwork. Doesn't that sound fun?  Later, a trail walk followed by margaritas, which sounds infinitely better.  What's on the books for you?

Get out and enjoy your Saturday,


  1. our farmers markets are just starting around here....but since we put in our own 1/4 acre garden, I would need to buy much in the way of veggies.

    1. that's one of the best things about having a garden.....oh, jeesh, nothing in the fridge or pantry....hold on a sec, what's in the garden. nothing like diggings up or picking fresh veg and making it part of the next meal!

  2. I am off to our Farmers Market in just a few, I love the whole aspect of it, fresh fruits, French pastries, pastel flowers, etc. I am sure to enjoy my Sunday and wishing you a lovely one too! Xo ~Ashley

    1. Hi Ashley, enjoy your farmer's market! I'm sure it will be full with good stuff. It's so hard to chose....that's why we brought a list or we'd be all over the place. of course, it's just a general list because at farmer's market you just have to see what calling your name. have a great sunday.


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