Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Day

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After such a sad day yesterday, there is some light. Another officer who was shot 5 times in another incident just West of us in Manchester a month ago, released from the hospital. This is something to be thankful for.  IN addition, though the other officers injured in Thursday's shooting in Greenland remain in ICU, their progress is positive.

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I'm thankful that my neighbor was able to speak to her friend the Chief, hours before the tragedy.

You Mean so Much

It will continue to be a time for those involved and the community to reflect. There is sure to be hope and prayer that nothing like this happens again, for the full recovery of those who were injured, and for strength of the family and friends of those who died.

It's sad to hear from Ashley, that a similar incident took place in California on Thursday too.

It's all so senseless.

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Your kind thoughts for our community are appreciated, and their full measure of impact on those who need the support may never truly be known. I believe it is that kind of collective energy that helps the people who now bear the incredible sadness of Thursday night's events.

The sun is shining and things move forward whether we're ready or not.

Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing-


  1. My heart is so heavy when I hear things like that. Somehow people all go on. I just can't imagine how.

  2. Replies
    1. that's all we can do is keep them all in our thoughts and prayers amy.

  3. The power of collective prayer is beyond words! I am sending prayers that those injure will recover quickly and find peace in the aftermath of this horrible detour in their life. For those who have lost loved ones I pray they find the strength and peace to continue on with life ... xo Blessings, HHL

    1. I agree Celia. I too pray for strength for those who have lost people they hold dear.

  4. There are just too many senseless shootings lately. I'm hesitant to watch the news anymore. Thankfully the small town is pulling together to help each other cope and deal with the grief, sadness and anxiety that they are feeling. My thoughts and prayers with all whose lives are touched by this sad event.

    1. I actually have stopped watching the news as much as I used to, too much negativity every night between horrible tragedy's like this, politics, economy, etc. it just gets to be too much.


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