Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bookclub Recap & Easter Walk

Almost Forgot

I think I had said I'd post bookclub-champagne review last week after my night with the gals, but I didn't.  So here we go....ready to drool? I brought smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers and onions. A bookclub favorite. That joined some other things Soy Goddess had put out on the coffee table-caper berries, smokey spread and chips, cheese and apple.

Then Pearl arrived with an entire pickled extravaganza. Here's Martha (aka Carey) going for something off the tray while Soy Goddess (aka Kath), buzzes around the kitchen.

There was pickled okra, pickled eggs, pickled artichoke, deviled eggs, and even pickled brussel sprouts. Sorry, I didn't get a picture of Pearl 'the pickle queen' who also made Utica Greens. Heavenly.

And Kath baked the cutest little ham ever. It was like an 'Easter Warm Up' feast.

I did say feast, right?

That was the first time Pearl made the Utica Greens. I'll be getting that recipe for sure.

I'm sorry to say I neglected to get a picture of Martha's roasted pineapple with creme fraiche dessert. A perfect ending to another wonderful night with the bookclub-champagne ladies.

Walk in the Woods

The hound and I took a walk on the trails at Phillips Exeter Academy on Easter morning. It was so very peaceful that it may have to become a tradition. Often the trails are hopping with people and pups. Not too much so, but a LOT more than Sunday. On Easter, only passed 4 people total and two dogs.  Funny thing is, both Lucan and the other two dogs all looked alike. Wish I'd gotten some pics of the other dogs. The first one really could have been his brother, very similar markings and a pointer mix. Just not as fluffy as Lucan.

Nice thing about these trails are that they start out in the woods, then they turn and hit the river.  Still looking a bit like Winter in this shot.

Then you get to go over the river and back into the woods. As you can see, Lucan was 'showing' me where to go the whole walk.

Always a pretty reflection view from the bridge.

This stretch in the woods still runs along the river which is on the right.

Then it loops around through the woods before you end up along the river again after the wood bridge.

Yes, I know these pictures are fuzzy. Please remember I had Lucan.. ..ahem...leading the way, so to speak.

Then we headed back over the river bridge, and along the wooded path and got the extra special Easter Sunday touch of church bells tolling. 

We even stopped to smell the flowers. Literally, Lucan did stop to smell the wood hyacinth which was pretty funny, but he was too quick for me to get a shot of him. 

Have a super Tuesday in your corner of the world and I'll work on the same in mine. Weather is kind of gray here, but nothing to keep me away from the field at the end of the day- fingers crossed.

Ciao for now,


  1. Woah, sign me up for book club!!

    1. i know, i know......food club! lol. we do read books 'on our own' but haven't chosen a book to read for 'book club' in eons.

  2. Ok..two things come to mind immediately. Food looks awesome and totally wish I could join your bookclub, but typical of 'book' club..no mention of the book you guys are reading/read! :) and Second...love that trail and river...we live near a river and have a great trail, bridge, too - so nice!

    1. yup, you nailed it. no mention of a book. we do sometimes discuss what we are reading on our own, but we don't even do that too often anymore!

      great walk at the trails. it was just so peaceful easter morning.

  3. That looks like my kind of hike, nothing but trees and water surrounding you ~ beautiful. :) I'm glad you and the pooch had fun. :)

    1. the perfect place for a mental breather Melinda


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