Monday, March 12, 2012

Save The Date. Check That Off The List.

A June Wedding

No. Not me. I already got married in June a long time ago. This year, it's my niece Cait and her fiancee Jon!

I designed the save the date cards and the invites. Cait, her sister and maid of honor Nicole came over so we could prep them for mailing last week. The Bride To Be is in the middle.

Cait and Jon are getting married at the same chapel that Gar and I were married in........right across from the ocean. Hence, the beach theme.

We were all pretty happy about how they turned out.

Now we just have to finalize the invites, rsvp cards, etc. Then we'll be ready for another stuffing party.

Not sure what Garrett is cracking up about. Perhaps that we were doing all the work and he was just watching?

Lucan couldn't have cared less about the Save The Date stuffing party.

He was couch-bound.

Sunset Meadows

Last night Garrett said, "You should see the sunset. It's a big fireball."  He was right.

The sunrise put on a show this morning. What a pretty sight to wake up to.

How's your Monday treating you so far? Mine is good,but I sure would like to check a few more things off my list. Better get back to it.

See you on the flip side,


  1. OMGoodness, those cards are amazing! I've always love the ocean, the beach, sun...ahhh.
    Your cards truly convey this feeling. Cait and Jon must be so excited!!
    Lucan is adorable :) *cuddle*

    p.s. thanks for your very sweet comments on my blog ♥

    1. Ah the ocean,not sure I could live too far away from it.

      And yes, lucan certainly knows how to lounge.

      And thank YOU for stopping by!

  2. Those are stinkin cute! So pretty:)

  3. I'd laugh too if all the work was getting done... but I didn't have to do it! ;) Beautiful pictures of the sun and sky. The dog is pretty darn cute too! My Monday has been magnificent ~ a warm/hot late winter sun has us all outside in shorts and tees today, soaking up the healing warmth! Hope you got tons done and had a fruitful start to the week. :)

    1. LOL! I swear, that's what was making him have the giggles. And lucan has got the couch surfing position down pat.

      It's SO warm out here. I'd say near 60 I'd say.......foot of snow on saturday and today melted just about all of it!

      I'm ready for the flip flops Melinda.

  4. those turned out wonderful. Amanda was married at the Outer was beautiful. I love the beach, but I love the mountains too. And I had a good day, got something finished and listed!

    1. oooo, outer banks sounds like a fantastic spot for a wedding. Did you ever read The Mermaid Chair? If I remember it was set on outer banks. Good book. I love the mountains too.That's the good thing about NH, I live on the coast (only 19 miles of it) we're an hour from boston and portland, and we have a lakes region and a mountain region. It's all here! Hope you had fun with Owen this weekend!

  5. Sweet cards! I saw that sunrise this morning too. So pretty!

  6. HI,
    just browsing on google I saw your save the date idea.
    Do you have a template? I'm getting in Brazil next year and I would like to buy your template,if you sell it.If you do, please contact me at

    Thank you


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