Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Take A Walk With Us

The Field: Part 1

I looked up from my desk at about 4:25 yesterday and realized it was still light! This is reason for celebration as far as I'm concerned.  I looked at the dog, he looked at me and before I could say 'do you want to go for a walk?', I had my wellies on and he was at the door.

Lo and behold, I'd been at my desk all day, and although I let Lucan in and out a few times, I didn't realize just how nice it was out. 51 degrees! Another reason for celebration. It's February and I didn't even need a coat and gloves. Just a sweatshirt. Talk about making a girl and her dog happy.

Off we went with the sun shining bright. We walked from one side of the field to the other. There was only snow at the bottom of each side. The oddest Winter ever, but I'll take it.

Part Two: The Sky

I had just taken the shot of the barn roof, walked a little further and found the snow heart and then I looked up. I gasped. The huge 'snow' moon was resting on the barn roof.

It was really something. I made Lucan sit for a minute just so I could take it in.

Simply breathtaking. 

Eventually I had to pull myself away, but there were still things to be seen.

This plane had a good view and was reflecting the sunset.

This plane was much higher, but its trail was also reflecting the sunset.

When we stopped at the little cemetery at the top of the field, I found this awesome lichen on the stone wall. The texture and the mustard colored bits were awesome.

Then I caught the moon one last time through the trees before we headed back across the street.

The snow moon is so bright, it woke me up for the second night in a row.

Sunset Meadows

As I peeled myself away from the sight of the moon, I turned as was greeted by the sun going down.


This morning after Gar started his truck, he came back in and said, "You should see the sunrise at the end of the road." So I stepped out and said I didn't see anything, to which he replied, "You have to go to the end of drive and look East." I did as instructed.

The sky was on fire.

It's not as warm today, but the sun is shining and it's nice enough for another walk in the field. That's what we're planning on here..........well, if I can rouse the dog from his nap on the couch.

Have a great Tuesday.  By the way, not a lot of entries in the giveaway so far.  You're all giving the current entrants a really good chance of winning. Just throwing that out there. Of course, they'd might prefer that I just clam up.

Tomorrow, the second installment of Marketing 101.

See you on the flip side,


  1. Love those shots of the moon over the barn! Glad you got out for some fresh air and sunshine!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

    1. I went again today. So, so wonderful eeking out more light in the day, little by little Angie.

  2. What a nice walk you had! Makes me want to take Alfie for a walk even though it's windy, gray and only 33 degrees.

    Love, love, love the moon/barn photos!

    1. well, did you get out with Alfie, all wrapped up in winter gear???

      turning around and seeing that moon really did take my breath away. i wasn't expecting it all.

  3. i loved joining you on your walk... your shots of the moon and the barn are absolutely stunning!



    1. Hi lesley, thanks for hanging at the Muse. Boy did we need that walk, both me AND the dog. we were both happy campers. will check out xoxolesley! great blog name!

  4. This is lovely! And the photos are fantastic. I take three long walks with my dog, Ike, each day - and each day offers new and beautiful things to admire. I'm so glad to read that you feel the same! PS found you through Sweet Posy Dreams.

    Dough, Dirt & Dye

    1. Hi annie, so glad you found us via spd. Ike! Great dog name!! Wow, three a day- he is one lucky pooch. Lucan and I have been lacking the last couple of weeks. Got into that winter mode. So nice to be out and about and today I saw a robin. (though they don't seem to really leave anymore- first I've noticed singing in awhile). Going to check out d,d,d.

  5. Hey Pamela,
    Just wanted let you know that I can't respond to your emails because you don't have your profile set to show your email address, so it comes up a "no reply" address. Thought you might want to know! I just realized mine was set the same way too!


    1. thanks angie. will see if i can 'set things' right later!!! i'll let you know how I make out.

  6. wow, the photos of the moon above the barn are beautiful! makes me miss my parents' house in tennessee.

    1. i really did gasp when i turned around a saw that perching on the barn roof. too cool! hard to be that far away from home i'm sure.


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