Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scenes From The Week

Saturday Morning Review

The dog and I got a couple of walks in this week. It was pretty darn warm. Found more traces of a large Buck, but we haven't seen him yet.

We also found signs of Spring.

Blue skies.

Golden sun.

Wet leaves.


There was also a lot of sleeping going on.

Today, there is still a lot of sleeping going on.

I'm still in my pajamas.

The bed isn't made.

The wind is whipping and there's a flurry here and there.

The fire is cranking.

I love Saturdays.

Sunset Meadows

The warm weather brought some pretty sunsets to end our walks. I love standing at the top of the hill in the field, just taking it all in.


  1. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing your day.

    1. we lucked out with some good days this week. today,though temp wasn't bad, wind made it a fire day. not necessarily a bad thing.

  2. I could really use some signs of spring:) And, yes, I am still in my P.J.s too:)

    1. ok, i admit it. i stayed in my pjs. took a shower and got back into them. my mom told me to. who am i to argue? :)


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