Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Glittering Prize

Sparkles, Sparkles

All that glitters isn't gold, although some is. 

I've been taking practice photos in my new 'product shot' space in my office. I came across this great sequin trim in my craft box, a pass-on from my Mom. Nice one Mom.  Just look at this stuff!

Please note, although this trim is 'mainly' gold, it also has an opalescent quality with a rainbow of colors showing themselves at different angles. Love that.

So, I did a little looking around the Internet and found some really great glittery things that I'd be happy to incorporate into my life, one way or another.

Pretty gold and pearl and cashmere curtain tie backs.  My curtains would be tied back all the time.

Curtain Tie Backs Unique Tiebacks Drapery Tie Back Tieback Cashmere Beige Vintage Jewelry FREE SHIPPING

On another subject all together, I am swooning over that curtain fabric.

OK, back to glittering.

So cool. A glittering canvas.

Pinned Image

That's a do-able project. It's also beautiful.

Oh my, the things you could do with these embellishments!

Glittering ivory - 3 embellished fabric pieces

Delicate and pretty. Yes?

Silver glitters too.

NEW- Mini Sequin LOVE Letters for Wedding or Decor

Bright, shiny love.

These boots are made for walking and attracting attention!


There's an easy how-to. I think they're a ton of fun and tres chic.

A lovely little corner with the coolest silver ottoman.

Great color on the parsons table, and even the capiz chandelier glitters.

The prettiest olive forks EVER.

Silverware, Three Pretty Olive Forks
via falconandfinch

The details are amazing.

Oh, how lovely this would be on a dresser.

NEW ITEMS- Instant Collection-Cottage Chic-French Country-Shabby Candel Holder-Ornate Gold Mirror-Vintage Swiss Dot Covered Bowl-Home Decor

The glass glitters, the pearls glitter, the candles glitter.

Of course, you may have noticed from my Christmas mantle, that I have a good dose of crystal glittering around the house.

I've been lucky to receive a lot of Waterford Crystal as gifts over the years. 
I think I'm inspired to find a new way to display it in all it's glittering beauty.

See where a little roll of gold sequin trim can lead you.

What about you? Do you have anything that glitters in your life? In your home, in your wardrobe, on your nails, on your feet? Or is shiny and bright a little too over the top for your taste?

Although there is snow on the ground, it's having a tough time trying to glitter today. It's too busy being whipped around by the wicked wind.

Don't forget that tomorrow starts the next shop and blog link up on Mercantile Muse. Link up or keep your eyes open for some great finds! 

Have a great day in your corner of the world, whether it's hot or cold.

over and out,

PS- Note for Di: feel free to let Mrs. Roy know that she inspired the subtitle today. Or did we?


  1. Ooh, nice finds! I can always do with a bit of sparkle in my home / my wardrobe :)
    Love the canvas with the tiny lights. Would love that in the bedroom!

    1. Duni, I have to say I have more sparkle around the house than my wardrobe, unless we're counting jewelry. I may have to up the ante!

  2. Gorgeous glittery things. I know I'm always caught in a battle to balance my obsession for glittery, silvery decor and my husbands appreciation for all things matt black and camouflaged. Thank you for sharing, so I can live my glittery dreams through you! - Lynelle/Falcon and Finch

    1. too funny lynelle......maybe you can find some sparkly camo so you'll be able to compromise. ;)

  3. I {heart} glittery sparkly things!! Great post :o) I love adding glittery or sequin accent piece to my outfits such as glittery shoes or a sequin accented sweater or just adds a bit of glamour to every day fashion. And naturally, a little bling around the house is always welcome, even if it's a metallic sheen to furniture, drapes, etc. LOVE your Christmas mantle and can't wait to see what you do with your gold sequin trim!

    1. as i said to duni, i do have glittery,sparkly jewelry but not a lot in wardrobe. some, but not enough!

      my mantle was completely different this year and i was happy about that. change is good. and it's time to change it up again.

  4. I just looove glitter & gold, sequins, metallics, you name it. They spice up anything :)

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my shabby and oh so chic collection of Swiss Dot candy dishes! I just adore your site its delicious!

    1. you're welcome flowerpeddler! love that instant 'collection' ....forgot to mention in the post, the mirror is insanely beautiful too! thanks for visiting.

  6. Thanks so much for highlighting my cashmere tie back. I love all the glittery decor you chose. Generally I am more of tomboy than girly girl but I could be convinced to add some sparkle for the right occasion. Loving the mixing of metallics that I have seen around blogland for sure.

  7. Wow! I see what you mean about the curtain tie backs. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing.


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