Saturday, January 14, 2012

Favorite Finds and Weekend Happenings

Blendo Pitcher and Glasses
via hausproud

Around the World In Mere Minutes

One of the great things about etsy is that you can shop in so many different countries, all while sitting at your keyboard. Who doesn't love a trip like that? Here's some of my favorite finds on this cold, wintry Saturday. Do your part and support small shop owners by visiting these stores. They put their heart and soul into it! I know you'll be happy you did, and so will they. 

Around the world in mere minutes, starting in Australia.  Seriously cute house pins made with vintage fabrics. The only question is..........which one?

Little  Vintage Fabric  House brooch pin with  tiny red stitched doors and windows
via grrlanddog

Have you ever been to France (we haven't yet, but it's on the list)? That's where BorneoBatikraft hones her art of hand painting silk scarves. Stunning.

Long Silk Scarf in Black and Purple - Neck Scarf - Hand Painted Silk Scarf - Hand Dyed Silk Scarf - Purple Scarf - Batik - "Concrete Waves"

Next on our itinerary, sunny southern California. I could take a little of that right now. Wouldn't this set be perfect for an al fresco meal?

Blendo Pitcher and Glasses

While we're on the West Coast, we might as well hop on over to Hawaii. I love hanamaui's handwoven baskets.

Basket Hand Woven Rustic Hawaiian Green Natural Tan Brown Home Decor OOAK Handmade

It would be a long flight, but no worries today. We're already landing in Germany.  Love the colors in this ring.

Ring blue crystal beaded upcycled solitaire jewelry free shipping

Back to the States. Who could resist this face? Way too cute. Up the cute meter even more with that mustache dog tag!  (this pooch reminds me of what's going on around here today).

Mustache Dog Pet ID Tag Custom

One of the good things about these sort of trips, you don't even have to unpack and do laundry! Not that I don't have enough of that to keep me busy anyway.

As Predicted, Well- Sort Of

We did play Yahtzee last night.  Things were looking good until my steely-eyed opponent threw down the gauntlet with a Yahtzee! We have one Yahtzee rule here. When someone gets a Yahtzee, everyone yells Yahtzee. It makes it more fun.

I obliged and yelled Yahtzee with the Gman and gave double high fives. Things were not looking good for my score though. 


Hold on just one second.


Oh yeah.

That's how I roll.

It make not have been the butt kicking I had envisioned, but I did win in the end. Gar will likely challenge me to a rematch later today.

Today is for organizing.  I'm about to put my Christmas stuff in the attic, do some laundry, sort through clothes, 'etcetera, etcetera, etcetera'- as Yule Brenner says in The King And I.

The dog will continue to do what he does best.

Sunset Meadows

Just as Amy from Maison Decor was commenting about the sunsets yesterday, I spied ours.  I wasn't sure it would be able to pull a good one, because we had some funky, giant cotton ball 'stormy' looking clouds make their way to the field. They actually made it look even prettier.

Have a great Saturday in your part of the world. It's sports night here later. The Bruins are playing and so are the Patriots in a playoff game. It's a good night to hunker down considering how cold it is. That's exactly what we'll be doing later when we enjoy our Cheese and Chicken Fondue. How about you?

See you on the flip side,


  1. OMG the doggie is the cutest thing every!!!! Such great finds! Thanks a ton for letting me be a part of all this beauty! :D

    Enjoy the game and the fondue sounds delish!

    1. yes borneo, that dog is Cute with a Capital C.

      and you're more than welcome. your scarves are so, so pretty!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't there just so much wonderful stuff to find on etsy? it's not hard to fill up the favorite file S.I.!~

  3. Love today's picks! Especially the beautiful basket from hanamauicreations. We spent time in Hana, Maui last April, and dreaming of possibly Kaui next. Truly beautiful places!

    Today is Stuffed Pepper Soup, and then some steaks before the Patriots game. With the fire keeping us toasty. Life is good!

    Have a great one!

    1. Kathy, Fawn and Alohi from hanamaui are super nice to boot! I would love to see hawaii. it looks so gorgeous. Kaui.......sounds heavenly. Stuffed pepper soup? we need to post that recipe on the muse! take a pic! mmmmmm.

      and nothing like a steak and a football game....our fire is going to and there was just a fabulous sunset i'll post tomorrow. yup, life IS good!

  4. Replies
    1. i think it's nice that it's 24/7's funny, but I often see lots of action in our shop in the wee hours of the morning from people in other countries. So cool!

  5. Beautiful trip around the world with beautiful products!

    1.'s so nice to take a trip around the world without the cost of a plane ticket, no checking and double checking to make sure you have your passport, no squeezing all your stuff in your suitcase.......nice to take a trip right from your desk!

  6. Hi Pam,

    I see you have an old fur baby too. I love the moustache tag.

    Thanks so much for featuring my house brooches - inspires me to make some more!



    1. grrl+dog, what would a girl do without a fur friend? i'd be lost in my home office. he's the only one here to listen to me!

      love the house brooches and your softies. too cute.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hello!

    Thanks so much for featuring my ring, that made my Sunday morning!

    Love the sky shots too...

    K x

    1. Hi Kat, I'm so glad it made your morning! More beautiful sky shots to come a little later in today's post. It was SO cold out but I still grabbed my camera and went across the street to the pretty!


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