Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crafts That Caught My Eye

via frompankawithlove

Saturday Crafty Link Love

I came across this image on pinterest. Luckily, the person who had pinned it had the source. (It drives me crazy when things aren't credited to their source. I could really have a say on this subject, but we'll leave it at 'it's just not right').  The source happens to be 'frompankawithlove', and panka offers a tutorial on how to achieve this magical look on her blog

It looks pretty easy, although perhaps a little time consuming. A perfect project for a Sunday afternoon. I think the pay off would be worth the time spent painting the jar. I'd love to give a whirl, but for now it will go in the 'someday' file and I'll just enjoy panka's image of her glowing mason jars.

Pretty cool, right?

I've had some chinese lantern projects swirling around in my head.  I am lovin' these and may do one of them for my office or over our dining room table to add a bit of whimsy.

This is the one that got me thinking about chinese lantern makeovers.  Good old Martha. 

via marthastewart

The tutorial uses double sided tape. I think I'd up that to hot glue.  I love the look. It's an inexpensive way to dress up a spot.

This tutorial for these chines lantern poms does use hot glue.  I don't think they're using them as lights, but I'm sure you could.


How about paper flowers? Looking at the way these are styled I think a few around a mirror or a picture, would be really sweet. (Thanks to Sara from Royal Regards for leading me to this via pinterest.)

If I had a spot for a vanity, this would be lovely. And easy thanks to the beautydepartment's tutorial.  I love the mix of romantic, soft edges and industrial, sharp edges (like the lamp). By the way, love that mirror too.

photo: patrick cline for Lonny Magazine post designed by: kristin ess

Great, easy as pie way of achieving the look above.

Are you crafting or thinking about crafting something? What's in your 'to make' file?

Moon Over The Meadows

Wow. The moon last night was incredible. Called my parents and sister to see if they could catch a glimpse, but no luck from their vantage point.  At out place, it was the biggest, most orange crescent moon every. It really was HUGE over the field. I really wish my camera could have captured it better. This really doesn't do it any justice.  

Sure, you can see the color good, but the immensity of the moon is not apparent at all in this picture.

It was a sight to behold.

Have a great Saturday. I'm at my desk as predicted and Gar's working on projects.  The sun is shining and it's actually warm enough to hang the laundry on the line. What's shaking in your corner of the world?

Ciao for now,


  1. those paper flowers are so pretty! i love all the colors they are shown in too.

    1. definitely have to try some of them angela. they didn't sound too hard.

  2. Love the jars. Cute ideas!

    1. aren't those great??? magical.

      btw, i was thinking of you as I broke a plate. i'd be more than happy to send you the pieces. it's very pretty black and white. not vintage, but pretty pattern of rome.

  3. I am totally doing that vanity! When Luci is ready for a big girl room I want to have this in there:)

    1. Oh my, I think it is such a great easy wasy of doing that. And won't miss luci be such a girly girl sitting in front of that vanity!

  4. Pam Pam Pam! Just woke up to find that whilst I was sleeping your treasury made it to the front page of Etsy!!!!

    1. Isnt' that funny? When I got home from our friends last night, I was checking something and happened to look at the numbers of that treasury and thought.........hmmmm, that seems high for no apparent reason and then read some of the comments which mentioned front page. Very cool. I really loved the way that one turned out. SO HAPPY you made the front page, but secretly I really don't want anyone else to see that necklace because I love it :) Well deserved front page coverage for for your work Cari!

  5. Aww, those are my jars! I'm soooo happy and honored you like it this much. :)) Thank you, Pam, for the feature! :)



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