Saturday, November 19, 2011

Take A Walk With Us and Saturday Work at Sunset Meadows

Take A Walk With Us

It makes both me and the hound happy when I can sneak away from my desk a few minutes early so we have enough light for a field walk. Sure was a nice way to end the work week too.

I will not take credit for the blurry pictures. They were lucan's fault. I had him on the leash the whole time because there has been so many deer.  He was pulling me all over the place, making it quite challenging to get a good shot.

If you're wondering about his 'scarf', we both wore red just in case there were hunters around, even though there is no hunting in the field. Better safe than sorry.

Did you get a chance to get out and about this week? Did you breathe in some fresh air? Where'd you get to enjoy some nature?

Working at My Desk

Been at my desk all day. What else is new? That's why those little field walks are so important. 

Just finished uploading a new version of the Grow Love print.  Since I customized it for sister Di's birthday, I figured I might as well offer that for sale in our shop too.

I'm also trying to figure out a way to put the stars I featured in a tutorial in our shop.  The problem is shipping.  I'll figure something out, because I think they rock and I love making them with the paper designs I've created.  I'll keep you updated when I get it all figured out.

We're not sure what we're going to do tonight. Out to dinner or meatballs, a campfire and the Bruins.  Got any plans?

Sunset Meadows

The sky was lovely the entire time Lucan and I were over in the field yesterday. Pretty pretty.

This one reminds me of the colors in the new Grow Love print  (which you can still win in our current giveaway, by the way).

I love the way the sky is purple on one side in this one and blue on the other.

Our sunsets sure do make me smile.

Enjoy your Saturday, doing whatever it is you're doing.

Toodle Loo

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  1. Your photos are simply breathtaking! The last few combine my favorite things: sunsets & silhouettes.



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