Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Check Us Out and Keep Track of The Holidays, FREE printable

Well, Look-ee Here

We're very excited to be part of the latest gallery exhibition on papernstitch.  In case you don't know, papernstitch is an online gallery and exhibition site,that promotes it's exhibitors with the press, via twitter, its blog, and facebook mong other places. It's perfect for etsy shop owners like us.  We'd love it if you stopped by and checked out Bates Mercantile Co.'s page and let us know what you think. We're always trying to reach new people out there and introduce them to Bates Mercantile Co., and this is just one way we're doing it right now.  There's lots of other wonderful shops exhibiting too, so take a look while you're there.  Papernstitch has a great following, a super blog and a fantastic newsletter that offers small online business owners super advice. Check it out!

The Most Wonderfully  Hectic Time of the Year

We all know it. Most of us love it (well, I do anyway). The holiday season may be hectic, but in the end all the things we pile into several weeks is worth it. Isn't it? When you think about why we're doing it- to spend time with friends and family, enjoy holiday cheer, to give to those we love and care about, to focus our attention on the meaning of the season regardless of religion- it's stuff worth going the extra mile for, right?

To help you keep it all in check, so that your head isn't spinning and you have time to enjoy all that the season brings, I've designed a FREE printable weekly holiday to-do-list.

It will help you track the stuff you should take care of each week, like gifts to make and gifts to buy, cards to send, parties to attend and errands.  There's also a spot to make time to enjoy the holidays, in case you need to be reminded.

You can either right click on the image below and save to your computer, or you can download the pdf here.

I hope it helps you keep things running smoothly so that you remember to breathe and enjoy this time of year.

Sunset Meadows

The hound and I headed out at the end of the day for a walk in the field. Only problem is, it means I leave my desk a little early in order to have some light.  Not a huge problem, and oh-so-worth the fresh air and nature.  We got to the top of the hill and again, there were deer in the lower field. Lucan tried to make my arm longer by pulling the heck out of me on his leash, trying to get at 'em ..........'Let me at 'em, let me at 'em, let me at 'em'.

"No Lucan, that's why you're on the leash. No deer taunting tonight pal."

So, we waited for the deer to leap away with their white tails bobbing, and then we walked (perhaps I should say I was dragged) across the field.  Wish I had pictures to share, but the light was pretty low. I did catch a few of the sunset. 

I like the way.............

sunsets change their mood, minute to minute.............

and day by day.


Adding to the list started yesterday:

*I am very grateful for our sunset view. It really is something.

*It makes me happy to have that biggo field across the street and it makes my pal Lucan happy too.

*I am thankful for my hounddog, who keeps me company everyday in my home office.  He naps really good too.

What about you? Anything you're grateful for today?

Wow, it's Wednesday? Midweek already. Hope yours is great, wherever you are.

ta ta for now,


  1. That list is a great idea. Way more organized than the notebook with random scribbles I carry around this time of year. :-)

  2. You and your bangin printables! I love it!!

  3. CourtneyJo, why on earth would a mother of two toddling twin boys need a to-do list for the holidays? LOL!!!

    Paige, now it's bigger than what you carry around, but you could even punch holes and put it in a binder if you wanted.


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