Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday......Where'd Saturday go?

Friday Comes Before Saturday

Friday, my sister Dianne called to say we had a surprise visitor.......our cousin Margie had driven up. So Friday night, I left Garman on his own as he was beat from his week, and I was off to Di's.

The door kept opening to another person.........first our sister in law Kelly, then my sister Gloria, and then later on my niece Nicole.

Now, I know I'm fuzzy because I was running to get into the picture but not sure why Kel is. Go figure.  (Sisters G, D & P in the back row, cousin Margie in the front with sil Kel on the right front). Nicole missed the photo shoot.
It was a good night around the table filled with lots of laughs. I just love a surprise guest like that!

Saturday To Do List

At the top of my list yesterday was package up a pretty linen and lace table scarf from Bates Mercantile Co. and get it to the post office for shipping to Australia.  I know the girl who bought it from our shop, is going to love it more in person. It's very pretty. We love our customers and I always try to make packages look special so it's like receiving a gift in the mail.

It doesn't take much effort, and a small personal touch is one of the things that sets etsy shops apart from other retailers.

On the Way Home

I had a couple stops on the way home from the post office, and on one of them I scored a couple new pieces of merchandise for Bates Mercantile Co.

Check out these vintage straws. Well, what I really liked, was the illustrations on the straws, beginning with the eagle on the front.

The back was just as good. The top one kills me.........

"Children will drink more milk through a straw." Really? What a hoot.

I spied these little gems the other day, and had to go back for them. The prettiest little spools of thread ever with hombre coloring.  This is just three of a whole bunch.

Each one, just really great visually in its own right.

Like little works of art.

Pretty, pretty.


I'm not even thinking of them being used for the original purpose, though someone might. I think they'd look great as an accent of color. I might have to keep one for myself.

Rainy Day Sunday

Though we've had peeks of sun this week, we've also had gray and rain. Today is no different. Sun tried for awhile this morning, but no luck. I don't mind though, it's Sunday afterall and sometimes a rainy Sunday is welcome. 

Gar just got back from errands and said "It's lashing out. Did you see the turkeys?".

Apparently they're the only ones who are really out in it. 

Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, the day just got away from me.

Hope you're nice, laid back Sunday wherever you are.

No big plans here today. What we get done, we get done. What we don't we don't. I would like to do some organizing in my office so I can start the week with a clean desk. What about you? Any big Sunday plans?

ta ta for now


  1. Lovely finds! That twine would be a great way to wrap up sales and gifts. I think I'll be on the hunt for something like that soon! :)

  2. Kristen, it's really eency thread spools, not twine. the big ones are 1 x 1. but if you could find twine in that hombre coloring,that would be SO pretty.


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