Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Note Cards and Snowliage

New at Bates Mercantile Co.

Today I've been checking some things off my list, including adding new printed note cards to our etsy shop, Bates Mercantile Co. Now available are these Louis Louis Pink note cards, featuring my original Louis chair illustration.

These note cards, along with the Hello Chevron note cards I added to the shop this week, are offered in a set of 8 with square flap kraft envelopes.

Isn't it time you handwrote a note to someone?

Slowly, but surely I'll be adding other printed designs to the shop as well. Feedback I received from people indicated some are intimidated about our printables and being able to print things properly on their end.  Something I was taking for granted since I print things off every day. Sometimes it just takes someone else's perspective on things and thank those who shared their opinions on this.  As soon as the printer and archival paper arrive, my illustrations will be offered as prints too.

Stay tuned........

More On The Way

As the day progresses, so does the forecast. Now, we just had a good dusting of snow that covered our Fall foliage (which the weathermen have dubbed 'snowliage'), but apparently that's not the end of it. This Halloween weekend will look more like Christmas round these parts. Today's storm could bring 8 inches and wind gusts up to 75 mph by morning. Oh well. What are you going to do? Wear layers under our costumes I guess, since it's a barn party we're going to tonight. Last year it was the most glorious autmn night. I know it will be fun, but I'm definitely wearing wool socks so I'm cozy sitting 'round the campfire.

Still have to stock up on wood for the fire, clean out the fireplace and move some patio furniture where it won't blow around the yard. We could lose power, so I guess although it's Fall, we're right into the thick of Winter this weekend. Might as well make the best of it. Certainly, it will be a Halloween to remember.

I hope yours is too.

Here's a clip from Young Frankenstein to give you a laugh today. Cloris Leachman kills me...........'Say It!'. This movie cracks me up.


  1. I love your designs. If you watched how I create my packaging, you would probably faint. I am sooooooooooo inexperienced and ghetto, LOL!

  2. I'm loving this sweet card set! So sorry about the snow :(
    Hope you had a great time at the Halloween party!!

  3. courtney- LOL! I've received your soap and you're packaging was very nice.

    Thanks guys for the kind words about the note cards! More to come!

    Thankfully the halloween party was only next was a BLIZZARD!!!! Crazy!

  4. LOL Thanks for the Cloris Leachman clip! It's been a while since I've even thought about that wonderful movie. I think I'll watch it tonight :)


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