Thursday, October 6, 2011

How To Feel Miserable As An Artist & I See The Sun

Art For Art's Sake

One of the reasons we started our etsy shop, Bates Mercantile Co., was my own need to create for creating sake.  This was one of the first designs we offered.

You see as I've mentioned before, I've had my own adv/marketing/pr business, Speakeasy, for 17+ years. Sometimes by the end of a project, it just feels.........well, like I can't own it at all, because I'm creating what my clients want (which is what I should be doing by the way). That said, I often feel that the direction I would have gone in might make me feel better and might actually serve their purpose better.  However, that's just not the way things shake out most of the time.  So when I ran across 'How To Feel Miserable As An Artist' the other day, while searching for something completely different (what else is new?), I knew I had to share it.  I know many followers of the Muse are artist, crafters and creaters, and that it might ring true.

How to feel miserable as an artist
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Can you relate? I'd love to know which one really strikes a cord with you. Please tell.  They all strike a cord with me, except the family one. My family is always supportive of whatever I create. Pretty darn lucky in that respect.

The Sun Came Out: Take a Walk With Us

After some copious amounts of rain, the sun showed it's happy face, which in turn gave me and the dog happy faces. We were so glad to take a walk, even if I had to wear my wellies.  It was bright and beautiful, but when we got to the field big, puffy clouds rolled in, but they were beautiful in their own right.

Just look at that last picture.........I told you the dog was happy.

Sunset Meadows

Picked more tomatoes last night and covered the rest. Although it's supposed to be really warm this weekend, last night there were frost advisories.  So, the tomatoes donned garbage bags and tarps to protect them. I'd hate to lose even one tomato.

My mother called to say it was a beautiful sunset. It was quite mellow here to begin with, but no less pretty.

As usual, it got more brilliant.

I hope your Thursday is brilliant too, in your corner of the world. What's on your plate today?

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  1. Oh yes...I've seen the 'miserable artist' ... I am guilty of pretty much all of them - to be fair though, I don't do number 2 or 7.

  2. How come you have so many sensational sunsets and we get a grey misty type thing! Lovely photos as always. In about a month we start getting something as spectacular so I'm going to start recording them - start of a contest maybe?

  3. Cari, That's too funny. Can't say I've ever been a number 7 kinda gal. I'm a rebel at heart.

    Kashimira, We honestly don't know how we got so lucky to find our little cottage, with the most spectacular south west view. There was a lot of 'dream house' things that we checked off (move-in-able,pool,lilacs, woodstove), but hadn't even considered the sunset. It should have been listed on the sell sheet!

  4. whoops.......typo Kashmira...........hey, your stuff for the London Yoga show looks GREAT!

  5. It is hard as an artist to keep your head up. I used to get a little poopy every now and again, but somehow it just went away. I think it was from lack of family support. Not my husband, but my parents, siblings, etc...I've always been a creative type and they have always disliked my tendency to go into creative careers instead of using my college degree. Now I feel good every day because I consider myself to be successful in my own measurements of success - which are totally realistic.

  6. Hi I feel miserable as an artist when I'm trying to work this internet stuff lol. thanks for the article I just started a mosaic blog I am trying to find similar blogs to comment on and leave my link. This was my sons suggestion and he did not say it would be this difficult lol. Well if you have a moment please give me a visit.

  7. Hi, I found you via the Mosaic Blog hop. Nice photos. My favs are the ones of the sky.

    I'm guilty of undervaluing my art and not putting myself out there. Little by little I have begun to change. For example I'm now displaying my art on my blog and putting it out there for the world to see.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Bella, I checked out your photos. Stop undervauling yourself. They're beautiful!

  9. First visit...I loved the post and the photos!


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