Monday, October 3, 2011

Branching Out.......if only to a dog's life

Mercantile = A Variety of Goods

When we named our etsy shop Bates Mercantile Co. it was deliberate.  We wanted a name that would reflect our desire to offer a wide range of items.  So far our selection of vintage items have run the gamut, and our printable wall art and stationery have done well. However, in consideration of the feedback received here on the Muse and from others, we'll be investing in a pigment ink based printer so that we can offer not only printables, but prints of my illustrations as well. I am very excited about this, as I know many people don't think they have to technical know how or equipment to print nice wall art. I think for this reason, we've been missing out on part of the market.  I'm hoping to make the purchase later today after much research, I'll let you all know when I'm up and running in that department. 

Additionally, I've been looking at other ways to incorporate my illustrations and art into more than just wall art. I'm really happy that I've found a way to do so with jewelry. I've always had a thing for jewelry, and if I go out of the house I usually have some on be it a bangle or a necklace or a brooch. I think it has great appeal because it doesn't matter if you gain a few pounds, you can usually still fit into your jewelry. So, what do you think?

My first try was hand drawn, but with the new printer, I'll be able to use my digital illustrations too, which I think is going to be very cool.

I'm pretty happy with the results so far, though I'm sure there will be tweaking along the way.  Different patterns, different themes, different chains and accents.

The possibilities are endless.  It feels good to be able to use what I'm making already in a new way, bringing more variety to Bates Mercantile Co.

Now, I know that the jewelry category is pretty full on etsy, but I think I can offer unique designs in a way that is fresh. I'm going to start with some geometric designs, and from there I'm thinking about other categories like romantic. I'd love any feedback you have to offer.

Random Breakfast Post

Just because it was so darned good and I forgot to include it in yesterday's post.

French Toast with butter and New Hampshire Maple Syrup. Need I say more?

Yup. It was good and gone in pretty quick time. 

A Dog's Life

Wouldn't it be great if all of our hard work paid off in a life that was as good as a dog's? Lucan was flaunting his 'It's a dog's life' attitude in my face yesterday while I worked at my desk. I just don't think it was necessary. Nope. Not at all.

Is that pillow fluffy enough for you Lukes?

Hope your Monday is going swimingly. If you're a good swimmer that is.

What's on your agenda today? And please, do feel free to give me your two cents on the new product lines we'll be offering. I value what you have to say........and that you're here.


  1. Why do you always have to have better food than me {LOL!}!? I thought I was snazzy because I picked up some Olive Tapenade and you go blowing me away with amazing looking French Toast. Ugh - I am so jealous!

  2. LOL- you're too funny. Your food always looks awesome and I love tapenade. But,if you're gonna have french toast, you gotta have real maple syrup. heaven.

  3. I LIKE the new jewellery - a great idea to incorporate your prints in this way. I wonder if the holes can be part of the graphic too in some of the designs and if for others the graphic is the dominant feature and the fixing for the chain is just on the edge. And def. good idea for the printing. I would def. be more inclined to buy a ready printed item for hanging on my wall - not every one has good printers at home - a wise investment I think!

  4. Wow, thanks Cari-Jane. That means a lot coming from a jeweler/metalsmith like yourself. Thanks SO much for input. I like th idea of perhaps being able to incorporate the holes in the design. I have a couple of ideas which may turn my illustrations into other things as well. Interesting thought too about the chain. See what I love this place? I get the best feedback and ideas from all of you.

    Yes, on the printer. Now I'm just trying to whittle down my choice. Was hoping to go out and get it yesterday,but now I'm hemming and hawing between one that's a larger investment (but I think worth it in the long run) and would have to be ordered, and one that is same brand, and some same qualities, lower end and I can get pronto.


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