Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Over The Rainbow For Color.

Ziggy the Wiener Dog Plush Dachshund

Color! Hot Dog!

Target introduced their new Missoni collection yesterday. The stores were jammed with people buying up the now affordable designerwares. Chevrons all over the place. I am all for Chevrons, in fact I love 'em, but the other thing that draws me to the Italian design house is the explosion of color.  So in the spirit of Missioni, here are some of my favorite colorful pieces I've found on etsy recently.

How about this little french man........just loving his daring red and chartreuse outfit. He's hipper than hip.

French Man -------- Ceramic Marionette.
copyright annalela

Groovalicious is the only word for these boots.  Dang, now where'd I leave my disco ball?

LADY STARDUST 70s Glam Magenta Leather Boots, 6
copyright luckyvintageseattle

A dapper daschund whose getting his Missoni groove on with both their classic combo of chevrons and color.

Ziggy the Wiener Dog Plush Dachshund
copyright blackbirdfashion

A colorful collar to make your little black dress pop.

Hand felted Necklace from wool of "Bordeaux"
copyright Marywool

Good things come in small packages. So do chevrons.

Chevron Love in turquoise, embroidered ring
copyright hybernate

Adorn yourself with some beautiful jewels. One size fits all. Isn't that the best thing about jewelry?

Necklace and Earrings Set, Beaded Necklace, Pendant Necklace, Beaded Jewelry
copyright dorosoucy

Lovin' Tova's work. Lemon tree, very pretty.............

Naive Scenery Painting, Folk Art. Lemons And Oranges - "The Orchard"
copyright tovazvik

Color is a cinch with this belt.

WILD RIVER, hand woven stretch belt THICK 6 color
copyright the royal

Charlie was The Man, before Missoni became hip. Maybe Missoni copied his style.

gaf Charlie Brown View Master gift pack Peanuts Snoopy with 7 Reels vintage
copyright sorrythankyou

Finally, two of my own digital illustrations. The first was included in a couple of Missoni inspired treasuries yesterday here and here.

Chevron Printable Wall Art Home Decor Missoni Inspired
copyright BatesMercantileCo.

And the second........Chevron V. Circles. I am not trying to breaking up this fight.

Printable Wall Art- Chevrons v. Circles
copyright BatesMercantileCo.

So, if you are looking for a little Missoni inspiration, Target doesn't have a corner on that market.  Our fellow etsy shop owners have plenty of color and chevrons to offer. There's LOTS of happy to be had. 

Please support these independent artists and vintage purveyors by visiting their shops. You won't believe what you can find. 

Have a wonderful midweek kind of day.  The sun is shining here, and I will be getting in the pool again later. It was heavenly last night. 

See you on the flip side.


  1. That dog is the most adorable thing! I love the chevron trend!

  2. Thank you so much for including my Charlie Brown in your wonderful blog post :)
    I love color too!

  3. O good! These high boots! It's not my coloure ;-)
    But the necklace! Wow! My... sweet butterfly ;-)

  4. What a great blog, and the items! I love all of them!
    Thank you for including my Indian Summer necklace!

  5. Kristen, doesn't that pooch crack you up? Too funny.

    SorryThankYou......just LOVE charlie brown and snoopy and the rest of the peanuts gang, and really CB is the original chevron wearing dude. can you say no to thigh high fuschia boots? LOL!

    And Doro, your jewelry is aboslutely stunning!!

  6. Wonderful boots, my color! Soviet, that got in such cool company.

  7. Mary, just can't believe how good your's and Jana's english is. Yes, the soviet is in good company today. And I'm with you, the boots are too cool for school in that color!


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