Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inspired By Nature

Sometimes all you have to do is walk out your door to be inspired. Just look at the bright, blue, sunshiny day here!

No really. Just look.

Complete with happy bubbles of light.

Around the corner of the pool...........

.....the hosta in bloom.

It's like my garden was saying 'happy first day of September'!

Love the color of the pokeweed. The bluebirds just love the berries. An added bonus, the black eyed susan peeking out.

I'm not the only one inspired by nature.  There are plenty of fellow etsy shop owners that have been bitten by the same bug.

This is the biggest, honkin'-est cutting board ever. Gorgeous to boot.

Bountiful Harvest Cutting Board in Rustic Black Walnut - Large Serving Tray
copyright grayworksdesign

You could serve an entire meal on that board!

Maybe because when I was little I used to paint rocks, maybe just because it's pretty, but I love the way the crocheted lace gives this rock a whole new life.

Crochet Lace Rock, Crocheted Stone Art, One of a Kind
copyright nutmeg cottage

Plus, I love the way the rock shows off the lace as a return favor.

Do you like greens? We LOVE them. Russian kale is awesome. Ours grew underneath the snow, and was ready to be picked come spring. The fun thing was, we had no idea that was going to happen.

Kale Seeds - Organic Red Russian Winter-Hardy Kale Seeds
copyright cubits

You have to admire it's heartiness. I didn't plant any this year, I just cut it back and it kept coming back. If you're not as lucky, cubits has got seeds for you! Such an easy crop to grow. Kale in a tomato based, sausage stew? Fill my bowl please. It holds the tomato sauce in all it's nooks and crannies. More on that when I make some and post the recipe. 

Did you know that greens are really, really, really good for you? Well, they are.  In fact, they're a superfood. My friend Kath (aka soy goddess) has the most heavenly smoothie at her natural food cafe, and it has kale in it. You'd never know. You'd just know you were coming back for another.

Now, if you're a jewelry person, you can still flaunt a little nature inspired groove. Of course, with these grey cone puka shell earrings, you can also get your island groove on.

Hawaiian Grey Cone Shell White Puka Shell Earrings Sterling Silver Hammered Chain
copyright hanamauicreations

Totally digging this bowl.

Wood Grain Vintage Bowl
copyright puscake

No faux paus here. Just faux bois.

Oh, natural laundry detergent to wash the things that go next to your skin? What a novel idea.

Laundry Soap Detergent - Oak Moss Scent

copyright ellopoppet

Oak & Moss...........your clothes will smell so earthy and clean. Your skin will thank you.

How are you inspired by nature? Is it a part of your day to day life? Is it a part of your art? Give us the scoop.

Sunset Meadows

Just one more touch of nature.

Yup. I was in the pool again and didn't want to get out. So I made Gar capture the sunset last night. Not a bad shot.

Have a nature inspired Thursday in your corner of the world.  Peace out.


  1. Love your sunny day picture! Thanks for the wonderful nature inspirations!

  2. You gotta love a blue, sun filled sky....though there are a few clouds now. Ah well. Can't have it all Fawn!

  3. Pam, What lovely postings! They brightened my day! Thanks for including my crocheted rock ♥

  4. I love the tomato stew idea! Also kale in January is a surprise even if you are looking for it, it's so hard to believe that it's really growing in all that snow.

  5. Oh, Laura, that stew is to die for. It's just my own twist on a portuguese stew. Got all the fixin's at the store so we'll be having some in the next week or so.

    I did pick the kale through November last year, but I was pretty darn happy that there was still some waiting for me once the snow melted enough for me to see it. So cool!


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