Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Good Night All Around

Yesterday was hot and humid. The rest of the week was beautiful, but not humid. Hadn't planned on humidity when I planned chili and campfire night. 

We handled it just the same.  Neighborhoodlum Gerry (aka poppy) brought granddaughter Hillary (aka HillyBeans) over for a swim. She's a fish in water just like me.

The rest of us dove into some chili. Well, at least Tom and Joan and Jay and Lauren did. Gar and I weren't far behind. But Gerry and Sandee had Hillybeans so they were doing Grandparent duty.

Lucan kept guard and tried not to doze off.

Sunset Meadows

Before the campfire, fire ball in the sky.

Kept getting bigger. And lower.

Off to Tom and Joan's for a BBQ shortly. I made stuffed shrooms and Gar is fixin' some tater salad.

Another good day in the making with the neighbors. Have a I told you we have the very best neighbors anyone could ask for? We do.

First, I must dive in the pool. Another hot and humid day! How about you? Getting together with anyone? Cooking out? Chilling with the Sunday paper? What are your plans this September Sunday?

Hope you have a great Sunday in your corner of the world.


  1. Sounds amazing - I've been so excited because today was our first day of cool fall weather!! I can't believe it. We were scrambling for something cool and new to do to keep us outside all day.

  2. Trust me Courtney Jo, it was HOT. we still ate the chili, but had I known the humidity was going to creep back in, something else would have been on the menu. sunday was even MORE hot and humid. brutal. last night, finally, good sleeping weather again!


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