Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Field Study

Take A Walk With Us

I promised myself yesterday that I'd eek some time out at the end of the day to move, in some way. I kept my promise and made the dog happy at the same time. Off we went, across the street to the field.  We usually keep him on his leash until we get to the top of the hill to see if there are any critters before we let him lose.

There was.

One lone deer.

At least that was all I could see. I'm sure there were more just beyond the edge of the woods.

The deer checked us out. I checked out the deer. The hound remained pretty clueless about the whole thing.  The deer finally bounced into the forest.

I kept Lucan (who happens to be nudging me right now at my desk- must have known I was talking about him) on the leash last night, just in case there were more deer at the far end. It's that time of year. Plus, it's not unusual to run into turkeys. We were very thankful one day when we got to the top of the hill with him on the leash, and down below was one biggo porcupine. Phew. Crisis averted.  Top that off with the fact that the coyotes have been quite vocal lately. Better safe than sorry.

It's a beautiful field and woods, owned by a man down the street. He wanted to conserve the open space and the town bought into it a couple of years ago. We thankfully the benefits of having the field 20 steps from our door. So does the farmer across town who leases the field for farming feed for his dairy cows.

At the top of the field, just across the street from our house is an old family cemetery plot. The Wiggins, one of Stratham's founding families. Poor Abigail was only 14 when she died.  At least her and her relatives have a pretty view of the sunsets.

Sunset Meadows

Sunset on our way out of the field last night.

And, sunrise this morning.

Gar said, you really should open your eyes and take a look out the window at this one. I did more than that, I stumbled to my desk and got my camera.

I was glad I did.


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Hope it's sunnier in your little corner of the world. Pretty damp and raw here today.Tomorrow is supposed to be looking up.

See you on the flip side. Thanks for being here.


  1. Wow! Beautiful skies; what a wonderful post!

  2. I was so not awake. I got up once and said, not awake enough to walk. Then looked at sky again and said......get awake enough to walk and get camera! gorgeous Marie, just gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful pictures! And good call keeping Lucan on a leash…I don’t even want to think about him and a porcupine!

  4. Seriously Sam, can you imagine. It was one big 'Phew!' from both of us. The field starts out as a field along the road, but then it drops off all of a sudden and if you're not careful, you just never know what is there!


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