Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dreaming of France FREE Printable, Preview and a Walk

Bonjour France

I've been inundated with images of french country interiors the last few days. Perhaps someone is trying to tell me something? I'm not sure what it is, but since I have France on my mind, here's a FREE printable note card for you......Letters from France:

It includes some vintage images (one from the Graphics Fairy) and a couple of my own illustrations.

It's designed two cards to an 8.5 x 11 page. Click on image below, save to computer or copy and paste into document. Print and cut down the middle and fold in half. Stick in envelope. Easy as all that.  When is the last time you wrote a note to a loved one and actually mailed it? Getting email just isn't the same.

What's in Store

I'm busy adding merchandise to the store, and here's just a taste. 

A very cool antique piano music roll. Beethoven.

From 1900 no less.

 And some very pretty handiwork.

Someone took their time embroidering this lovely table runner. So sweet.

Stop by Bates Mercantile Co. to see what else we have in store, like the little vintage dish. 

More Fresh Air

Lucan and I got over to the field for a walk last night. It's really a great way to de-stress at the end of the day, get a little exercise, and of course some fresh air.

It started with bubbles of light.

Nose to the grindstone. Nix that. Nose to the grass. 

Love old wood. Any kind. Even this fence post. So much character.

More dandelions. Weeds or not, they're so delicate.

Not giving up the stick. No way. No how.

 A pop of color. Berry style.

A view of the barn, from the far end of the field.

One last look.

Sunset Meadows

By the time we got back across the street, the sunset was changing to this.

A final goodbye to Summer. Though I love Fall, it makes me kind of sad.

Enjoy this Thursday in your little corner of the world and I'll do the same, despite the rain. I have wellies after all.  Thanks for being here.


  1. How is it that dogs manage to pick up and run with those huge sticks? Our girl does that all the time. It's so funny to watch her, like she's got a giant's arm or something hanging out of her mouth.

  2. Kristen......he loves any branch he can get his chops on. the bigger the better. actually he loves anything anyone throws for him. they are funny. gives me a laugh every day. What kind of dog do you have?

  3. Thanks for stopping by Pamela. I followed you back here to say thanks, and now I'm in love with your dog! What a cutie!

  4. Hey that pillow you made from the coats! it rocks. just watched top gun the other've lost that lovin' feeling.

    Goose. that is too funny! Yup, the lukes (lucan) is 12 and thinks he owns the place at this point. he just moved from futon to couch!

    Ah, a yoga instructor..........I really really need to hit the mat. Way over due. Namaste.

  5. I love that print, it looks so good!

  6. oh j'adore! The new french print is very .... french! Yes, I have the problem of being bombarded with french country houses all the time - it is a bother ;)

  7. I am soooooooooooo in love with anything French Country Provincial, Vintage...My family on my mothers side is French and lived in the New Orleans area. It makes me sad and makes me miss home. Most everyone moved to Texas after Katrina. The longer I stay away the more I feel a part of me is missing. My soul thrives in New Orleans.

  8. Thanks marina- print away and say bonjour to someone through the mail!

    Cari-jane, thanks for kind words. 'it's a bother'......LOL!! all those images put me in a dream state.

    Courtney Jo, I didn't know you had connections to N.O. Dreaming of getting there too. I think my soul would thrive there too.

    Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!


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