Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday, I'm In Love

TGIF, Thank God It's Friday - 4 Wooden Vintage Letterpress Alphabet - Large - 3.2", L80
copyright vintage marvels

That would be letterpress for TGIF.

Ah, Friday, but before the weekend starts there is still plenty left on the proverbially to-do list.

Laundry: Weather hasnt' been cooperating for line drying this week. Not sure it's going to.

Bookkeeping: Yuck. Hate it. Gotta do it. Why am I doing it when G is the 'math' man?

Desk Care: That is to say, clean desk and take care of the work that will then be nicely organized on said desk.

Friday Clean Routine: I hate going into the weekend with a house that needs cleaning. Just can't relax and enjoy it.

Dinner: Decide on dinner (though often, Friday is 'Appetizer Night').  I'm leaning towards turkey tetrazzini or spinach and goat cheese lasagna. Easy enough and either can stay on warm in oven and be ready whenever we are.

Speaking of dinner.............

........ last night I tried a new recipe from my Rachael Ray Everyday magazine.  Bagna Cauda. Looks good, right? It's based on an Italian hot sauce/dip, and this particular recipe paired this rich sauce with fettuccine and cauliflower.  We gave it two thumbs up on flavor. However, once again I simplified Rachael's recipe. Often there seems to be unnecessary steps and too many pots. What they need to remember over at Everyday magazine is, who their 'readers' are.......not chefs, but rather predominantly women who are working and running a household. I was having none of the four different pots used in their recipe. So I made the recipe my own. Nothing unusual.  This is how it went.

Bagna Cauda

A head of cauliflower, cut up into large florets
2 cans anchovies 
(don't be scared!!! it's what makes this recipe and unless someone told you, you probably wouldn't know that's what the flavor was from)
1 pint heavy cream 
(yup. heavy cream. though I may try making this 'lighter' next time)
garlic- 3 cloves minced
(their recipe called for boiling garlic and making a paste...not needed!)
black pepper
big handful of chopped fresh parsley
3 tbs of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup grated Parmesean or Asiago (I added this....just because)

As far as ingredients, pretty straight forward.

Boil half a box of fettuccine. A few minutes before that is done, throw the cauliflower in the pot to blanch.  Drain, throw cauliflower and pasta into big mixing bowl and cover with foil or a lid.

I coated the pot I used for pasta and veg with olive oil. Heat over medium. Drain anchovies (2 cans or approx 12 fillets......use less if you want) and throw into oil with garlic, move around with fork until it breaks up and works into a paste- a couple of minutes tops. Add cream (I'd say add cream slowly, and see if you need full pint) and half the parsley and crushed black pepper.  Toss sauce over the pasta and cauliflower, add the cheese, and mix. Serve and top with rest of parsley. Quick and easy. ONLY ONE POT and bowl. 4 pots! Who has time for 4 pots?

The recipe made 3 bowls like the one in the pic. Two for us, and one leftover.

All in all, pretty tasty. Just needed to simplify the recipe to make life easier.

Try it. You'll like it.

Back To TGIF

TGIF, Thank God It's Friday - 4 Wooden Vintage Letterpress Alphabet - Large - 3.2", L80
copyright vintagemarvels

Just love that letterpress!

And, for fans of The Cure (which we are).........

It's Friday- I'm in love 8x10 Art Print
copyright mursblanc

Remember this one? I do. Saw in the theater many many many moons ago.

Freaky Friday Walt Disney The Original
copyright videofunhouse

Does this apply if I'm still wearing flip flops?

friday socks
copyright drywell

Guess I better stock up on Friday socks somehow, without upsetting my Thursday socks.

I hope your weekend is just as terrific as Fred and Eleanor.

Yup. Fred and ELEANOR. Not Ginger. That's not to say I don't love Ginger too.This is one of my all time favorite dance routines. If you're reading via e-mail be sure to visit the blog to play this one!

Plans for our weekend include Gar and the neighborhoodlums replacing the ball joints on his truck. Yeah, ball joints. I think that was it. 

Beyond that, we will be attending the 9/11 Memorial at the American Legion in Hampton. Obviously, on the 10th Anniversary, it will be even sadder.  Our Legion has the only memorial to the NH servicemen and women who have been lost in the War on Terrorism. The families of the fallen attend each year and the new names that have been engraved on the memorial are unveiled.  I pray for the day when no new names need to engraved on this monument. 

What about you? Any plans? Hanging low or do you have lots going on?


  1. Enjoyed walking down memory lane with your photos! I followed you from Etsy Blogs & am discovering a lot as I walk thru everyone's journals.

  2. GREAT team MaryFP..........thanks for following! Nice to have you here.

  3. Liked your entry here, must try your newly adjusted recipe, also! It was very nice of you to include my video from "videofunhouse"...
    by the by, I am getting ready to reduce all the vids to two dollars and to list a bunch more...after the 19th...

    your writing style is swell and I'll check back to see what other goodies your might have in store for us!

    later, Diane

  4. Mmmmmmmm...Bagna Cauda - I love her recipes. I've made a lot of them. Some of my faves are her Cuban sandwich, fried plantains and shrimp lettuce I'm hungry again :(


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