Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sights and Sounds

Happy Saturday. I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.  We had a great night last night with the neighborhoodlums. That's Tom (the tractor man) and Joanie above. And us below with Gerry and Sandee. As you can guess, these pictures were not taken recently. I think they were from one of our neighborhood New Year's Eve crawls.

Anywho, back to last night. We headed over to Tom and Joanie's across the street for appies and supper. Good stuff all around. Wish I'd taken the camera because Joan and Tom's garden tomatoes were gorgeous. On top of all that, Joan and Sandee had both bought mixin' fixins' for cosmos up at Stonewall Kitchen in York, Maine not far from here. First we tried blueberry. Two thumbs up. Then we tried pomegranate. Two thumbs up.

We ended the night bowling with the Wii. That was mine and gar's first time playing on the Wii. It was pretty darn funny. Lots of laughs all around, as usual.

Today, heading up to the new Salvation Army store!!! Woohoo.........yippee.........yay!

Then back home to finish the yard clean up/storm prep. 

Thinking tonight I'll make my old standby..........Chicken Cordon Bleu. Can you say yum? One of my all time favorites and I've been making it since high school.

That's the scoop.

Other than the fact that I'd like to sit and sip wine here:

Lunch in the sunshine - limited edition film photography 8 x 12 inch
Copyright lumieredumatin, 2011

And, I wish I'd been here:

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm...Chicken Cordon Bleu. That is such a great idea. I have all the stuff here too!

  2. ok, my 'quick' sauce i do.......cream of mushroom soup, alouette herb and garlic cheese (you could do some cream cheese), white wine, garlic, milk, and whatever cheese your stuffing in the chicken. SO good and easy one to whip together.

  3. Now I'm hungry-& sadly I can't cook (not anything edible anyway) but if I could I would make this. Great blog btw-I popped over from EBT and am following now!

    Cheers! Sam


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