Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nothing Comes Between Me and My Calvins or Billy Idol

Channeling Brook Shields

OK, it's a Calvin Klein belt and not jeans. So sue me.  Another treasure I found on my thrift store bonanza on Saturday while visiting the new Salvation Army store. All I'm gonna say, is they are going to give the Goodwill Store up the block a run for their money.  What's great about this belt, is it isn't made for one of those twiggy-like uuber super model frames. It's a size 40. Yup, probably a men's, but certainly perfect for the right lady too. Could be worn slung low on the hip, or even make a new hole to give it a larger size range.

What I really love about this belt, is it's patina.

Aged brass combined with the warmest whiskey/caramel color.

Hhhhmmmmm, that reminds me.  Nabbed these puppies too.

Mr. Easton. You had me at hello.

Just look at the detailing. Gorgeous, even though they're not gonna fit my size 8.5 foot.

Channeling My College-Self

Oh, to have a size 7 foot or to be in college again. What? I don't have to be go to college again? I can still be a punk rocker chic?  I can still dance with myself or Billy Idol if he's around? 

Well, it might not be me, but someone who can appreciate a classic rocker vibe is going to look rippin' in this jacket.

This jacket is not only cool, it's also got great detailing like the white stitching and even a peplum in the back. I'm in jacket love here people. Too boot, it's 100% cotton, so when you're tearing it up on the dancefloor, you won't pass out from heat exhaustion. 

By the way, it would look way better on a live model. The hanger just doesn't do it justice.

So as you can see over the last two days, I got a little bit of this and a little bit of that on my treasure hunt Saturday.  I've been adding to the Bates Mercantile Co. shop ferociously and having fun while doing it.

Have you done any thrifting lately? What did you find that you had to bring home? Do tell. Please.........I'd really like to know.

Sunset Meadows........After Irene

You'd never had known what went on here from Sunday morning through Monday morning. Irene swept through, but behind her, the most beautiful sunny day, no humidity, and a lovely breeze. Top it off with this sunset and all I can say is.......heaven.

From the front door.....it's just starting.

Full throttle.

Sometimes I can't believe how lucky we were to find this spot.

A 'pretty in pink' end to the day.

Here's hoping your Tuesday is just as fantastic as last night's sunset.  Thanks for being here.



  1. Pamela, that belt is gorgeous!! I had an Ann Klein belt like that in 8th grade and didn't appreciate it! I usually hit the Goodwill about twice a week, will share what I found soon! Great finds!

  2. I LOVE THAT BELT! I WANT IT!! (And the sunset is also very impressive.) Are you going to put it in your shop??

  3. I listed it in the this morning. Just click on the pic above and it will bring you to the listing. It has all the info. If you decide you 'must have' it, i'll get an international shipping fee figured for you!

    Seriously, it is one classic belt.

  4. The puppies are are surely nice! And the sunsets, man, you have them in every color:)) Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Your sunsets are ridiculous! How gorgeous - we get a little pink here but it's like flamingos in the sky where you are.

  6. Magda......amsterdamn looked awesome!!! love your photos.

    Courtney Jo.........i just LOVE the flamingo description. Why didn't I think of that?

    And jana, seriously, if I was a size 7, they'd be in my closet instead of in our store :)


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