Monday, July 11, 2011

Nothing But Blue Skies Do I See

Blogger must have been having some technical difficulties yesterday. I tried to post, but no go. Took it in stride and as a sign I should be outside.

Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Beautiful blue skies all day long. What more could a girl ask for?

The peach day lilies came out yesterday. Neighbor Joanie got these for me two years
ago at a charity auction. Thanks Joanie! Just look at those ruffles.

Love this close can even see the pollen on the stamens.

My bee balm is popping in my gardens. Love this new fuchsia one I planted last year.

And with the bee balm comes...........


Those little wings are really working. Hummingbirds LOVE bee balm.

It was a perfect day for playing
Follow The Sun. I sit in my Adi in the afternoon, and keep
moving it back further and further to get the last bit of sun.
Gar played too. We ended up almost in the neighbor's yard by the yucca,
which in this picture is way back behind the picnic table.

Yucca's name isn't nearly as pretty as its blooms.

From Adirondack, to pool. Complete with ice cold margarita.

Limey goodness.

View from the pool......aaaaahhhhhhh.
The view towards the house. The Pamela Jean (made for us by my father)
was flying high against the blue skies!

Another beautiful end to a beautiful day at Sunset Meadows.

I hope your Sunday was just as nice. Have a super Monday.


  1. Wow, what a lovely place you have. Oh I'd love to have a garden again.

  2. Thanks Kathleen. Yes, we are very blessed.......this place was the last deal of the century in our town. I looked and looked and looked, at some pretty scary stuff. This place was 'move-in-able' and had all the things on my 'dream', woodstove, lilacs galore and a pool. Still can't believe I have a pool to jump in on hot days like today! And who knew we'd have the sunsets we have. Talk about lucky!

  3. Beautiful photos, and you have a really lovely place!

  4. Thanks Kerry! We love it. Don't really see our selves living anywhere else. :)


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