Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A whole new world

Welcome to Mercantile Muse, the blogging extension of Bates Mercantile Co.  I am very happy to finally be blogging, as it's been a long time coming.  I'm obviously new at this, so I hope you'll give me some lee-way.  I hope to share inspiration with you and a little bit of daily life at the 'Mercantile'. It's certain that I will touch upon many subjects including, but not limited to: interior design, graphic design, gardening, writing, pr, food, art, advertising/marketing, and the good life in general.

First off, a little bit of background. I've had my own business, Speakeasy, for 17 years. I work with my clients to grow their business through a combination of public relations, marketing and advertising. Any given day can find me writing a press release, designing a logo or ad, planning an advertising or marketing campaign, among many other things. As a one girl show, I wear many hats.

That said, I was hankering to be able to do more 'creating' for the sake of 'creating'. So I, along with my other half, began Bates Mercantile Co. We launched our etsy shop in December 2010 and have really been enjoying meeting other etsy shop owners, as well as people from all over the world who have like our stuff enough to buy it (yay!). 

Here's the the two of us - otherwise known as Pam and Gar:

Here we are in Cashel, Ireland on our way to visit friends in Blarney. 
We travel to Ireland as often as we can, since that's where Garrett
is from (he's a Dubliner) and most of his family is, and
also where my best friend has lived for 17 years.
At Bates Mercantile Co. you will find original printable wall art and stationery, and must-have-vintage items.  I do the 'creating of the printables' and Garrett helps with researching our vintage items and acts as Chief Sounding Board & Cheerleader.

We've learned a lot over the last few years as we doubled the size of our little cottage with an addition we built ourselves with a LOT of help from family and friends.  We're getting there but still have final touches to tackle.

Our new bedroom still makes me happy everyday, especially in consideration of the fact that for 12 years I had to turn sideways to move around the bed and couldn't open my dresser drawers all the way.

Al (our brother in law) and Gar putting up sheetrock in the
 new master bedroom. I hate the entire sheetrock
 process and I don't mind saying so. What a mess.

But I do love my bedroom, so I guess all the sheetrock dust
 and hard work was worth it. And in case you're wondering, I was a full fledged crew member-
from tarring the foundation, insulating and yes, even mudding and sanding sheetrock. 

We're still decorating, and what that means is there is a lot of editing going on. We had a LOT of stuff. Keeping what we love and losing the rest.  I love browsing magazines and the internet for design inspiration, but honestly, I find it just about anywhere!

Good things in no particular order: 

friends and family
our hound dog Lucan
inspiring and eclectic interior design
food prepared with love
all kinds of music
a cold beer and steamers
entertaining and parties to remember
NYC (where we met)
old movies
South Street Seaport on a beautiful day
dreaming of our second visit to Rome/Italy (once was not enough)
living on the New Hampshire seacoast

I reserve the right to add to this list whenever I want.

So, I hope you'll come along for the ride and many thanks for stopping by.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE..........the first 25 followers of Mercantile Muse will be entered into a drawing for one of our printable wall art designs (your choice) follow, won't you?


  1. Pam & Gar, Congratulations on your new blog. I am sure I'll have fun reading about your adventures. There will be no shortage of material that's for sure!!

  2. Wow. What a surprise from're so up with things, I should have known you'd be on top of this Kel!

    Thanks for checking out Mercnatile Muse. 'ppreciate it.

  3. Yeah Pam!! Your new blog looks great and I love your new bedroom!

  4. Thanks Jill. That was one of the first pictures, so now there are stacks of books on each nightstand (gar's is an old stool painted the greatest green) and hanging lights over each as well.

  5. Pam,

    It is so nice to see your blog and get to know a little bit more about you. A warm regard from Montevideo

  6. Love your style Pam...Can't wait to read more of you and Gar blogs!



  8. Hi Pam, Great Job on the Blog,Esp.the picture of the 2 very handsome men.

    I will be looking forward to checking in on Mecantile Muse.. Di~

  9. Thanks Maria for stopping by all the way from Montevideo- LOL! It IS a small world on the internet!

    Wow, Mom and sister di are commenting on blogs....wonders never cease.

    Thanks Celine, always such nice things to say.

    I appreciate the support everyone!


You comments make my day. Thanks for taking the time to visit Mercantile Muse and for commenting. I really appreciate it. ~Pam

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