Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What I'm Digging

All The Gold In California

I know it's spring when everything is light and bright, but I have to tell all of you that I am really diggin' on gold.

Sure, it may have a more autumn tone at times, but it's classic and depending on what you pair it with it really doesn't matter what season it is. Gold tones are just plain gorgeous all year round.

sources: lamp/rockett st. george ; hose and rack/rockett st. george
scissors/djuna ; Lammer Leire van der Tonge painting/1st dibs

Go on! I know you can picture me hauling that gold hose around The Bates Estate to water my flowers and veg, can't you?

Don't be surprised if you see this gold theme in a logo I'm currently working on and by all means, don't let the suspense kill you.

Are you digging the gold as much as me or has something else been catching your eye?

I hope you're having a lovely day today. Mine is filled with pulling branding boards together for a client (which is how I present my initial logo designs), collateral design, ad design and revisions. It's a full one here.

I really enjoyed all your musical comments yesterday and found some new bands to check out. So how about something fun for today.  Roll call perhaps? I'm writing to you from our little cottage (which refer to as The Bates Estate or Sunset Meadows) in Stratham, New Hampshire on the northeast coast of the United States, 6 miles from the ocean. And you? Where are you reading from?

Make your day great.

Ciao for now,


  1. A dash of gold is always a good idea and I adore that lamp. What a gem, sweetie. xoxo

    1. I know...that lamp makes me want to paint the pendants in our lounge gold!

  2. the gold garden hose may not be "functional" but I am loving the antler hose holder. and I'm down here in little Stony Point, North Carolina. it's just a one blinking light kind of town (I am a total country bumpkin) but nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway, I have some amazing views from my front porch.

    1. garden hose cracks me up! but it is pretty.

      well that sounds like a very beautiful place to live!

  3. Making time for some blog catching up, so couldn't resist dropping in here. Think I'd cause consternation in the chicken coop wee I to move around with that golden hose! Besides, t'wouldn't stretch around the garden here, and don't think the Site Supervisor would approve of such "trinkets"!!! The said garden is in the midst of The Hospital of St. John, an almshouse sheltered accommodation property which has been in existence since 1472! It is situated in a village mid-way (almost) between Bath and Salisbury in Wiltshire, S.West England - and has to be one of the prettiest places I've ever lived.

    1. Hi Isobel. How lovely to see you!

      You never know, maybe the chickens are into GOLD.

      Did you move?
      1472? holy moly!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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