Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Current Obsession


I'm not talking booty.  I'm not talking hot crossed. I'm talking the kind you sweep your hair up into.
I had to laugh last week when my mother asked me, "don't you ever wear your hair up?'. Um, yes Mom. Just about every single day.

While today I'm styling a totally awesome scrunchie ponytail (ha! don't tell anyone. that's juts between you and me), I usually pull it up in a french twist, a top knot, or a messy up-do of sorts.
(Apparently, not when I see my mother however.)

So, when I came across topknot on pinterest, I checked out their mass dedication to buns, like the one below.

I had found something new to practice with watercolors. Women with buns.

So I've begun the buns.

The thing with buns is this: they never go out of style. Classic. Elegant or bohemian depending on your mood and how you style them.They can take you anywhere.

What's your current obsession?

On a much more serious note, our community lost a police officer this past week. Officer Arkel was responding to a domestic dispute between a father and son. The father gave him permission to enter the home and when he did the middle aged son ambushed him. The man then set fire to the home and opened all gas lines which consequently caused the home to explode. It's all quite sad. Officer Arkel was just doing his job, and just like any police officer responding to any call, didn't know what he would walk into.  It's all to reminiscent of an incident that took the life of one of our local Police Chiefs a couple of years ago. To make things even more heartbreaking, one his daughters is graduating from high school in short time, and they are currently holding the funeral service for her Dad on the football field where her commencement will take place. Rest in peace Officer Arkel. By all accounts you were a caring man who always wore a smile.

Make today day great. It's a great day to have.

Ciao for now,


  1. so sorry to hear about the officer. the world is becoming a dangerous and scary place.
    and my obsession? it changes from day to day. hahaha

    1. oh mine is day to day too. don't worry.

      and yes, the world can be scary. It's just sad all around.

  2. I love how you are able to just draw and draw something people see as a person. I'm still trying to improve my drawing skills but they are definitely sticking at boxes and circles. Perhaps this weekend i'll draw something a little more complex. Also, sorry about the officer, at least he died trying to save someone.

    1. well, long way to go. i agonized over what I'm doing for the create challenge, but I finally got it to where I was OK with it. sad, isn't it. just doing his job was all.

    2. wah! my reply just got eatten.

      well, I keep trying people. I need a LOT of practice. but that's ok! still having fun.

      Sad for his family when it should have been a happy time with daughter graduating. fate can be cruel.

  3. What a horrible story about the officer. There's lots of violence over here against police officers, fireman and people who drive on ambulances (sorry, don't know the English word for people who work on them...).

    And your buns are looking good! I have one right now :-)

    1. I pray for less violence. I just don't understand it.

      ps- I've got a bun going on right now too!


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