Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Things You May Not Know About Me

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Every once in awhile I like to do these 'things you might  not know about me posts'.  I mean, you're so kind to hang out here, so shouldn't you be privvy to some earth shattering (or not) facts about me?

Hold onto your hats..........here we go.

1. I was a beach creature.  We lived a mile from the beach and my Mom and her gal pals would take all of the kids to the beach in their station wagons and we'd pretty much park it for the day.  Tunafish sandwiches with a hint of sand, anyone? Beach days are what happens when you live on the coast.  I could, and still can, build a mean sand drizzle castle. And to this day, beachcombing is one of my favorite things to do. Talk about downtime. The beach is a stress free zone.

2. I know a ridiculous amount of useless information. I could probably be on Jeopardy. I might not beat Ken Jennings, but............I can certainly hold my own playing trivial pursuit. It might have something to do with the name of the game. Trivial pursuit.  Gar also knows an incredible amount of useless information. We make a good pair that way.

3. I am the world's best identifier of movies by sound alone.  I can honestly say, I should win an award.  It usually takes me anywhere between 3 seconds to 15 seconds and 99% of the time, I am bang on. Gar tests me nearly every night. No kidding.  He still shakes his head and says, 'how did you get that'. Sometimes all I need is 3 notes of the musical score, or two words by an actor and I've got it. It's a freakish skill that I wish I could make money on, because I'd be rich. Rich I tell you!

4.  I was voted, along with my pal Ralph, most talkative in high school. Some said, it wasn't because I talked the most (though I do talk a lot), but because I talked to the most people. That too. I am endlessly striking up conversations with people I've never met before in the grocery store or wherever.  What can I say?

5.  I took acting lessons as a kid and participated in the Young Actors Summer Playhouse. It was an awesome class and a ton of fun. At the end of the summer, we performed The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, by Mark Twain.

6. The first band I went to see live was Tavares, thanks to my friend Robin's mom MaryLou. Oh yes, heaven must be missing an angel.................

7. I never liked olives. That is until the bookclub/champagne ladies. You see, they all loved them and I thought, I better get liking these if we're going to have some nearly every time we gather. Now, I love 'em. 

8. I also love pepperoncini.  Get me a biggo jar of hot italian briney peppers and I'm good to go.  I often have a couple for an afternoon snack. No kidding. I know. I'm a freak.

9. Despite having been a cheerleader in highschool, I can't do a cartwheel for the life of me. I'm talking, as soon as my hands go up in the air and I get ready to do it, I just don't. Such a loser. But damn if I didn't know how to work a split.

10. I sing a lot. I sing to songs, I make up songs, I sing about pasta if I have to (or even if I don't)....Cappelini, Cappelini!

I think it would be fair and just, if the tables where turned. I'd love to know even one little thing about you that might surprise me.

If I like what you share the best, I'll also share your blog in a post this week!

Ready, set, go.........................let me in on a secret.

Hey, big news here.............took the hound for a walk in the field this morning and it actually feels like spring might be in the air. Write that down! Put it on the calendar! Celebrate with all your might! If we could say goodbye to winter once and for all, get out in the yard to clean up after the aforementioned season that wouldn't end, it sure would make me smile.

Ciao for now,


  1. I would have loved growing up as a beach creature!! I do love pepperoncini, I always seem to be ahead of the trends,but haven't figured out how to make money from it yet :>) Other random notes about me include: I've been in a major motion picture movie without taking acting lessons, our house has been in a magazine; while teaching, a student (who is now in a gang) wished I could have been her mother; currently reading "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron so I can break out of my shell and create with abandon, write a blog and take awesome photos before I turn 50 in May!

    1. So awesome! A fellow pepperoncini lover- too funny. I haven't read The Artist's Way......perhaps I need too. Love your goals Mary Lynn!

    2. Go right out and get that book, it is life changing and so affirming to my "artist self".

  2. I love reading like this. :)

    I've never seen a pepperoncini. I have to Google it.

    1. I love 'em. Their hot Italian peppers in vinegar and they are bright green.

  3. I loved reading this post and nr.3 made me so happy because my Balazs is exactly the same...he loves movies and works as a film translator so he is always spot on about them too. Happy Wednesday, lovely.

  4. Great post, I loved reading these little tidbits. I wish I had your talking skills, and was less of an introvert. Something about me: up until 5 years ago I didn't eat cubes of cheese, only slices. I do eat them now, but slices taste so much better!

    1. Well, for an introvert Marieken, I think you do pretty darn good with your blog. I'd have never have known you were on the shy side. That is too funny about the cheese cubes. And I tend to agree (i guess depending on the cheese), slices usually taste better (except maybe for a little mozzarella ball).

    2. In real life I am very shy! On the blog I take lots of time to write, edit, re-think and re-write!

    3. you're doing a very good job, nobody would ever know.


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