Friday, March 7, 2014

FREE Friday

 Ever Had One Of Those Days?

Months? Year? Years?

Yeah, I know. We all have.

Sometimes, in the midst of the challenges that life throws at all of us, it is easy to get sucked up into that black hole.  Often life's challenges come with a lot of soul searching. New perspectives. We come out the other side knowing ourselves, even just a little bit better for it.

My friend came across a quote that speaks to that and thought it would be a keeper for a print.  I'm glad she sent it to me.

The quote by Eckhart Tolle combined with an absolutely stunning photo by Todd Quackenbush, (whose work I found over on unsplash) makes up today's FREE printable wall art.  [I know I've mentioned it before, but it is worth repeating.  unsplash is a site that shares work from photographers around the world, who have decided to offer their images royalty free, to do with as you please, for personal or commercial use. How great is that? If you haven't checked out unsplash yet, I highly suggest you do.  The level of work is amazing.]

Can I get a hell yeah?

Hey, did you notice the colors go perfectly with my kitchen back-splash? How serendipitous.

If you'd like to print it off yourself and hang it on your wall, you can download the pdf here.

And, if you feel like sharing on pinterest, that's cool too.

One more thing, Todd is such fantastic photographer, you should definitely pop over to his site and check out his other work. I love all of his work, but his pictures of NYC really capture the city in a way I can appreciate.  His perspective in some of his shots feels sort of  like 'a day in the life'.  His landscapes are incredible, and if you want to see a drool worthy food photo, check this out. I want a piece. Right. Now. I didn't even come close to capturing the deliciousness of G's pear bread, in comparison. Holy moly.

Freeform Friday

I was wandering around youtube last night and discovered a group I'd never heard of before. The Overtones. These 5 guys can really sing. You want harmony, they've got it up to their eyeballs and then some. On a side note, it sure is nice to see five young guys dressed like they want to be taken seriously. The Overtones are sharp dressed men. Kind of refreshing.  So is their sound.  Click here if you're reading via email.

How about a little something old school. A capella. Yup. The men can sing.
Click here if you're reading via email.

Any plans for the weekend? I'm going to be creating away working on some designs (including my own). In between housework, that is. No real plans I'm afraid.  G will be spending time working on his truck with the neighborhoodlums. I won't be joining them in that little adventure.  I know, I know. We're really pushing the fun-limit this weekend.  The good news? I think we've gotten above 30 on the thermometer today, and tomorrow we're supposed to hit the mid 40s.  This is incredibly exciting and welcome since we've been a frozen arctic tundra with no real signs of hope for spring. Except for my day in Boston, which was wicked lucky weather-wise. Then it went right back to polar vortex. So tomorrow, I will get outside at some point.

What's shakin' in your world?

Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks, as always, for being here.

Ciao for now,


  1. I've never heard of unsplash, but... hell yeah! That's pretty cool. Love the print and it goes well with your backsplash! Thanks for the groovy tunes. Hope you have a good weekend. I wish to hibernate.

    1. hibernation is always good. especially when winter will not give up the ghost. we lucked out with a fairly decent (read: not as arctic freezing as it has been) weekend and got out and about yesterday.

  2. Absolutely beautiful print! I hadn't heard of unsplash before, but that's a wonderful offering! Thanks for sharing, and happy weekend!

    1. Unsplash rules! amazing photographs from photogrphers all over the world. i love all the different landcapes though there is plent of other stuff too Kristin.

  3. how inspiring! and timely for me. plus, your backsplash is amazing.

    1. perfect.....print it and hang it on your wall! and..........I did the backsplash myself. :)

  4. 1. That's a great quote. 2. YES to that backsplash.

    Our weekend was really full. My side of the family was in town and we went to Frank Lloyd Wright's house, then to dinner in the city, and then we had brunch with old family friends yesterday. It was a jam-packed 24 hours. :-)

    1. Being the designer gal that you are, did you notice my 'I want carerra marble counters but can't afford them' option?
      12 x 12 marble tiles = marble countertops for less than 200 bucks. no kidding. ok, it's not a slab but it still gives me the look that I love. wow, you packed a LOT in this weekend!


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