Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting In The Spirit: Holiday Decorating

Simple & Natural Christmas

Soon we will be full with turkey and stuffing and pie, and then we will be full-on into the holidays.  So I've been gathering ideas for my Christmas decorating theme for this years holidays.

I've decided on a simple and natural Christmas decorating theme this year. One that is easily put together and carried out and one that reflects my love of nature and Christmas.  I'm thinking I'll reserve our lounge room for the collections of snowmen and penguins I have amassed over the years, many given by family and friends.  I'm too sentimental to not put them out.  Beyond that, I'm going to be select in what comes out of the Christmas decorating boxes this year. Other than our colorful Christmas tree adorned with my ornaments I've been collecting since I was a just a wee lass, I'm going to focus on natural colors with a pop of red.

Luckily, the Internet is full of really great decorating inspiration.  


*noel photo via remppahaikara

*glass jars and pinecones photo via Marianne@songbird

*red stars and light strings via rhbabyandchild

*pinecone trees in terra cotta via founterior

*hanging branch berry cones via annetta bosakova

*square berry wreath via perfectly imperfect

Now, the red light up stars can be purchased, but I think you could easily come up with your own version and make them yourself, just like all the other decorations.

How simple is the tray with glass jars? (I knew I'd been saving all my food jars for something) - a pinecone here, a candle there, an old picture to add to the charm. Just perfect.

The Christmas craft I'm planning on making will be part of my theme (and no, it's not a pomander, though that's a good idea too) and I'm hoping to pull it together next weekend once the turkey and fixin's have settled.

It remains to be seen how I will do in my editing what's in the boxes in the attic.  I've had this mission other years, and I always cave to sentimentality.  Wish me luck.

Did you catch the free printable gift tags in Friday's post? They'd make a great addition to any gift package now or throughout the year.  And if you're looking for some easy recipes this holiday season, yesterday's Sunday morning potatoes are itSo good.

Hope you're doing great on this Monday. It is absolutely frigid here. Blame it on the wind chill.

Ciao for now,


  1. Good luck on your decorations, your inspiration pictures are absolutely beautiful! That bedroom looks so cozy!

    1. That bedroom is such a great space. and those beds!!!

  2. Love the simple theme! I'm totally with you. Am off to Ikea to stock up on all the winter whites they do so well. I really love the berry cones!

    1. if you can believe it Melissa, I have never stepped foot in Ikea. I have shopped online, but have never been to a store. My brother in law says 'avoid at all costs for fear of death before you get out the doors'. ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to swing the results! Snowmen and penguins with little red 'bow ties'?

    1. I have to be honest. The penguins are really Gman's. There's an old story about when he was a raucaus teenager and his friends threw him into the penguin exhibit at the Dublin Zoo................crazy kids. AND, when I worked at the Chamber of Commerce in the next town we had a Winter Carnival and G .......................I think I'll leave the rest of the story for the blog. God love him.

  4. I am loving that square red berry wreath. Great finds!

  5. I'm loving this too! We stick to gold and red_ but this looks much more sophisticated


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