Friday, September 20, 2013

Pinned It

Not So Serious

Hi gang. Here's some of my latest pins.They're not serious feeling at all. They all exude a lighthearted feel, like they're not taking themselves too seriously.

Love the illustration, love the bathroom. In fact, I'm thinking- I have glass shelves somewhere in the attic and there might be room on the wall next to the sink. Will have to check that one out.


Isn't that color combo great? And that lovely retail set up. So casual and welcoming.  Digging the white home brightened with pops of color. Have I told you I'm a tea girl? Well I am so this tea cup artwork speaks to me. Of course, if you're a coffee person, you probably see a coffee cup, but that's beside the point. 


Are you on Pinterest? Let's connect, ok?

Freeform Friday

In the spirit of lightheartedness and not taking themselves too seriously.........have you seen this gal doing her thing at the bus stop? Love her. Girl after my own heart. I mean, if you have to wait for the bus you might as well dance to what's playing in your ear. Click here if you're reading via email.

No, she isn't really listening to Dancing Queen, she's listening to this:
click here if you're reading via email.

Happy Friday. Our plans? Go on...........guess.  Campfire. It's a beautiful day and it will be the perfect night for it with the big old harvest moon.  Going to make some Chicken Chipotle Cheddar soup. That way if anyone else shows up, they can dig in.

Have a good one.

Ciao for now,


  1. I'm following you now on Pinterest. Thanks for the eye candy.

  2. Dancing Queen! I have tears in my eyes! She is all kinds of wonderfullness!

  3. I'm just about to show it to Julian - that's how good she is!

    1. how can you not get a smile from that woman? i guess they interviewed her about because she obviously had no idea she was being filmed. she said she always dances at the bus stop while she waits. i especially like the knockout punch move.

  4. I'm now a new Pinterest follower (@justByou). =0)
    Love that bathroom up there.
    And how was your Chicken Chipotle Cheddar Soup? It sounds gooood.


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