Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Drive

To The Beach and Back

I asked and G obliged. He took me for a Sunday drive followed by brunch. Love that.

He headed to my hometown, Hampton and a drive along the beach. Surprisingly for such a beautiful day, the boulevard wasn't too bad.

The sand however, was covered with umbrellas, beach blankets and people.

The salt water marsh was pretty under a bright blue sky dotted with puffy clouds.

We started on the beach side of the marsh and ended up on the west side looking towards the beach, before heading to The 401 Tavern for some nourishment.

We like the old tavern part of The 401 so we bellied up to the bar. 

We did not have whisky with brunch, it just happened to be where we were sitting. However, we did enjoy a beer (G) and bloody mary (me) with our meal.

He went for the manly grilled pork chop and I had my old standby- cheese omelette, which also had shrooms and bacon in it. Best part of the meal? We were using a gift certificate my parents gave us. Thanks Mom and Dad! Though, I'll say was quieter than usual because our pal Desi (aka The Mad Cuban) wasn't around.

Then we followed this guy and his passenger back out of town. What a great rig and beautiful day for a ride.

The rest of our weekend was pretty low key. A couple of campfires, chatting with the neighbors, weeding the garden, pooltime. What about you? Did you do anything special?

Have a great Monday.

Ciao for now,

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  1. Great skyscapes -- and I LOVE the beach shot.
    Had to scroll quickly past the food photos--I'm on a diet.


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