Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Independence Day 2013-- Hot, Hot, Hot!

What A Day
This year was seriously hot. I'm talking 95+ with 75% humidity, which is about as humid as it can get. The weather girl didn't even want to say it. So in reality, it felt like it was over 100.
Suffice it to say, the pool got a lot of use.
Gar was off early in the morning to hit the tide right for cutting seaweed off the rocks. Luckily our friend Steve was able to go with him, as our friend Ralph who usually goes, had a fishing charter that day.
While he went to get the seaweed and the keg, I headed down to Defiant Lobster to get the all important lobster and clams. It was a beautiful morning, but was already heating up.
When I got back, I got Watermelon George ready as the guys got the fire going, and heated up the steel plate (which Tom has to lift onto the fire with his tractor- seriously heavy).  They also bagged and tagged everyone's lobsters and clams with big onion bags and clothespins, so everyone gets their own lobsters back off the bake.

The guys stack the baskets full of lobsters, clams and seaweed on top of the steel plate.  They then lay tarps over the baskets and keep it damp so that steam keeps rising up to cook the bugs.  All in all, it takes about an hour give or take a few minutes.

While everything cooks, I try to make the rounds with appetizers just to be sure I get to see everyone.

Then of course, it's time to enjoy it all - lobsters, clams, corn, potatoes, salads galore.

{many of these pictures are courtesy of my cousin Ed Cocciardi}
Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without dessert otherwise known as Almond Joy Martini Shots. SO good and they helped me forget just how hot it was. In fact, so much so, we had a rousing patriotic sing along after the Almond Joys. We had nothing on Jimmy Cagney's Yankee Doodle Dandy, but we did give it our all.

Eventually when all the hard work was done, I jumped in the pool. It was heavenly.

A fun day of delicious local food prepared as a traditional New England Lobster Bake, and good times with good people. What more can you ask for on America's Birthday?

Hope you all had a great holiday and long weekend. I only wish it was a tiny bit longer.

Have a great Tuesday!

Ciao for now,

PS- I cannot believe I posted the picture of myself in the lobster hat (thanks Kath). I'm sure it will come back to haunt me. Obviously, I'm not vain.


  1. When you post this celebration, it seriously makes me want to run up there join in. It looks like it was such a great time.

    The heat has been awful hasn't it?? 94, feels like 104 down here. But we spent the 4th watching fireworks in a large park a few towns over. It was fun!

  2. with heat like that, you could probably cook the lobsters without even starting a fire. and I love your hat. hahahaha

  3. So much fun Pam! We had an 111 + humidity here on the 4th, (not 75% tho) so I can look at your photos and feel the steamy day! But seriously, you know how to throw a party - that just looks like way too much fun!

  4. Looks like a fun time, especially the dip in the pool afterward!


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