Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What Inspires You Wednesday

Pops of Color

I'm sure I've told you this, but I'm here to tell you again. I love neutrals. You know, those beautiful white on white interiors of Scandinavian design. The problem is, I also love color. What with all the flowers and plants in my garden and elsewhere beckoning summer to begin this very minute, a kaleidoscope of colors is swirling around my head. 

The use of color in interior design is inspiring me today. It's inspiring me to incorporate new colors into our home, as well as inspiring me to use it it a new illustration of logo design. 

Pops of color, to me at least, are joyous, happy, and sublime.

Here's a peak at what is getting my attention.

I am drooling over those three paintings and the wallpaper. I need the paintings and I need a wall to wallpaper. At least I know G would be on board. The man isn't afraid of color.  Good thing, because neither am I.

What's inspiring you today?  I'd love to know. And feel free to include a link in the comments, or pop over to our facebook page and join in the inspiration there.

It's sunny here today which is simply wonderful after all the rain we've had.  I think that's part of why color is inspiring me today.  Bright sun and blue sky reflecting off green grass, happy flowers blooming, a soft breeze...............ahhhhh.

I do hope your day is as nice.

Ciao for now,


  1. Lovely melange you got there! Beautiful spaces!
    Its sunny here today too. Actually nothing is inspiring me today. I've just been busy cleaning the house!

  2. I love the colors in those photos. I really think what is missing from my living and even my office are colors. My have greenish-brown furniture and I really need colors to make it pop.

  3. I love colors much more than white!!! I can't stand messes, and in my house, white does not stay white. hahaha I love the paintings in the first photo!

  4. Beautiful and inspiring photos. The first one with the floral prints is my fave. I am inspired by Nature walks -- colors, textures, freeing my mind -- getting away from the computer.

  5. Indeed lovely colour- I'm more of a rich earthy tones girl myself.

  6. I'm Less brave than you maybe

  7. Beautiful colors Pam...I am with the color. I tend to go for monochrome with a POP of color. Seems I have more 'pops' than before and the orange has it for me this year again! - Bon


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